Daily Letters

A selection of letters received.


November 10, 2006

Down in History (Part I)

Dear George:

The vote on Tuesday clearly reflected the hatred felt for you and your administration. You have spent us into oblivion, killed thousands of our young in a war that you personally created, and have displayed an arrogant, I am holier than thou attitude towards anyone or anything you disagree with. Well, now you see where this lousy attitude has gotten you. You are the direct cause of all the losses the Republican Party experienced on Tuesday.

You will go down in history as a terrible president...you're a loser!

Age 60
Los Angeles


Down in History (Part II)

Dear George:

God help our country now. You WILL go down in history as one of our best presidents. Thank you for what you are doing and what you are going to do.

I'm sorry that because of my financial status I haven't been able to help you more. However, I am a real supporter of you, your agenda, your morale standing and your strong faith.

With everything that has happened since you have been in office, I applaud your strength and posture. Believe me, I'd rather fight the terrorists on THEIR turf.

You have been and are doing an outstanding job. It's a tremendous ontaking. And, you have a wonderful wife.

Age 61
Philipsburg, PA


November 08, 2006

What goes around

Dear George:

What goes around comes around.

The American voter, including Democrats like myself are tired of being pushed around you right wing politicians.

Age 63


Hanging Saddam

Dear George:

Sentencing Saddam to hang may represent justice, but it does not make good political or strategic sense. The Sunni position that this was U.S. orchestrated,true or false,will continue to be believed.

Hanging Saddam will make him a martyr and a cause which will cost many American and Iraqi lives for years. Our U.S. Government should publicly urge the Iraqi Appellate Court to commute his sentence to life imprisonment.

He would thus soon fade as a cause and we will gain by urging justice tempered with mercy (although I personnally feel that life imprisonment is the harsher alternative). Have I an axe to grind? You bet. My career Navy grandson is on his 4th Middle East deployment and likely to see additional service there. I much prefer to see his commissioning that his funeral.

Many thanks for your kind attention.

Your strong supporter,

Age 78
Lawrenceville, GA


October 22, 2006

Greatest Influence

Dear George:

As a historian, I have difficulty determining who had the greatest influence on you. Your rise to the presidency and consolidation of power closely paralleled Adolph Hitler.

However, your policies, such as spying on your own people, disappearing people, a gulag of secret prisons, executions, one-party rule, intimidated and obedient media most closely resembles Joseph Stalin.

I have concluded that Stalin is the person you most admire and try to immitate. Am I correct?

Age 65
Skokie, Il


A Plan, Stated Strongly

Dear President Bush,

As a staunch supporter, please, please take the attention away from Ex-Congressman Foley and place it where it should be. As President of the USA, I would plead with you today, to take control of the situation in Korea and Iran. Please within the week have our plan stated strongly in regards to Korea. This will hopefully get a strong message to Iran. Iran and the world need to know that we are totally aware that we know that Iran is messing things up in Iraq and we won't stand for it any longer!! The havock and hell in Iraq has gone on for far to long!! Iran can not be allowed to mess up the war that we have fought so hard and long for. Iraq deserves more. I had part of a delegation of Iraqi women in my home in Salt Lake City for almost one week and they all remarked of how they and all educated people of Iraq so appreciated the help of the United States over there. Please do WHATEVER it takes. My prayers are certainly with you and our country. Do whatever we need to do to take control of these evil men and women in these two countries.

Carry on. Be brave. You have been visionary. God speed.

With respect and love,

Age 57


July 20, 2006

A heartless way

Mr. President,

The disgust I feel for your veto of Stem Cell research is beyond any way of expressing. To say that you are the worst president ever is so mild. Perhaps it comes clear when you think of that little strutting man who wants to be remembered at all costs. Removing hope for thousands of people suffering from a terrible illness is a heartless way of doing so.

Never fear that you will not be remembered, not only as a bad president, but a thoroughly incompetent occupant of the White House. A person that has defiled the office of the presidency.

Grant Perkins
Age 82
Captain Cook, Hawaii


On the side of God and the angels

Dear Mr. President:

I want to commend you for standing up, almost all alone, for what is right.  You will not condone murder!  You are definitely on the side of God and the angels.  Those who are against you on this matter of stem cell research, are so mistaken.  If they were to win, humanity would lose.

There is no doubt in my mind that God is smiling down on you.  Would that all your decisions were so simple.  God bless you and guide you in all your other endeavors. 

Sincerely and respectfully,

Erasmo and Martha
Age 70
Albuquerque, NM


Transfer one life to another.

Dear Mr. President:

My name is Ken, 68 years of age and have Parkinson’s for the last nine years and continue to slowly deteriorate. Currently I am the CEO of the National Institute of Community Management which services Home Owners Associations (HOA’s) nationwide. (300,000 associations inhabited by 33,000,000 individuals).

Before you make your final decision on the Veto of the latest “Stem Cell” Bill that has been approved by Congress, I would like you to take into consideration the Following:

Your belief, if I understand it correctly, is that you are “Pro-Life”. If you take that term independently of everything else, I do not think you will find one American who will not agree with you. To disagree they would be saying that they are “Pro Death”. I doubt that you will find one that disagrees with you.

The real question is on the “Stem Cell” issue, are you willing to “Transfer” one Life, the “Stem Cell”, to save another life, my Life.

There are many instances where people will sacrifice their life to save another. If fact you are the world’s leader in approving such a “Transfer” of sacrificing one individual’s life to save many.

You have taken the same stance as what this county was founded upon, to sacrifice ones” life for freedom. But it’s not only Freedom; it’s to save lives of those already here. We will never forget 9/11.

In turn you have authorized troops to go to foreign shores to protect the living at home. Many of those troops will die in order for us to live. (Over 2,500 in IRAQ).

If we took the meaning of “Pro Life” as you may be using to stop the “Stem Cell” law, would you not have to apply that same meaning to call all of our Troops home from IRAQ?

I am not suggesting that you do that. But I am asking you to continue on in following your philosophy, signing the “Stem Cell” bill that will not only save thousands of lives, but millions of American lives. Transfer one life to another.

Thank You,

Age 68
Scottsdale, Arizona


Ate what God intended

Dear Mr. Bush:

Thank you so much for veto on the Stem Cell Research bill.  Even though NBC News stated that the polls said that people were in favor of Stem Cell research.  I do NOT believe the polls.  It would be like playing God, and that we should NOT even attempt to do.

I would highly recommend that the scientists who are so upset about not being able to use Stem Cells, start reseaching what CAUSES these diseases which did not exist a decade ago.  Could it be all the chemicals the manufacuturers of the food industry put in food to give it a longer shelf life?  We know that food industry puts in all kinds of substances in food for longer shelf life, thereby increasing their profit.  Are these same chemicals causing all kinds of disease?

In the Bible you hear nothing of the types of diseases that we have now days.  Was it because people only ate what God intended, foods in their God created state, not preserved for longer shelf life and bigger profits.

My vote will go to the person who clamps down on the food industry by putting stricter controls on what can put into food to give it that longer shelf life.

In the book, "Fast Food Nation" many facts are presented concerning how food gets to market.  This book is only one of hundreds now on the market which addresses what manufacturers put into foods.  When is someone going to take the big step and finance research into what all these chemicals can cause?  Yes, the drug companies and food manufacturers may loose some money, but I'll just bet our nations health would improve tremendously.

But then again, sometimes I think it is all about who is in whose pocketbook.  Who makes the most money wins.  Which is really sad because I truly believe it is NOT all about money.  It is about living a wonderful life in the beautiful county that God gave us.  Are we destroying that gift in the name of profit?  Perhaps, God please help us.

Thanks for listening,

Age 59
Flint, Michigan


March 20, 2006

Why does Cleveland have to pay?

Dear George:

Tell me why you have to come to Cleveland to explain your actions in Iraq? Why does Cleveland have to pay for your security when the school system is failing and we don’t have enough police or firefights? We don’t need to hear you in person, to explain why your administration is doing all it can to make Americans look like bullies and faith based fanatics (Christian) against other faith-based fanatics.

How about you stay in Washington D.C. and try to curb the damage you have done to thousands of families here and overseas. Visiting American cities to justify the course you have taken should not cost those cities that are struggling to make ends meet.

Stay at home until you’re out of office!

Denise Skinner
Age 53
Cleveland, Ohio


Franciscan for Peace

Dear George:

I write this letter with a heavy heart as we approach the third year of the war in Iraq.

I strongly oppose this war, as it is a definite offense against the fifth commandment: Thou shalt not kill. There should be National Day of Mourning on March 19th to ask God to forgive all of the destruction: the people of Iraq, the destruction of Iraq, the thousands of soldiers who are permanently disabled and the thousands dead.

Mr. Bush, please end this war before more destruction takes place.

Sister Margaret H.
Franciscan for Peace
Age 67
New York City

PS: I can't think of any better reason to present e-mails that promote peace. Please forward my e-mail as well as those who oppose the war on the grounds that it defies God's law of preserving life.


I prayed for you

Dear George,

I prayed for you Friday evening, March 10 when I saw you on TV. It was great to see you respond to the Lord in your life, and tell us that you are expected to make decisions all day long day and day out, and your ability comes from your inner belief in God.

It was very good to hear you speak on religious freedom for all people. I want to tell you, you are doing a fine job as President and I’m glad I voted for you and I trust you to lead this country because you are a believable man. I am proud of you.

Age 47


February 23, 2006

US Port Security and Transfer (Part III)

Editor's Note: The flood of letters regarding the potential transfer of six US ports from a London-based company to a Dubai-based company has continued to grow. It also appears that many people were unaware that these ports were foreign-owned before this deal. In the history of this website, there has never been a time when all sides of the political aisle have been so overwhelmingly in agreement on any issue. This issue appears to have struck at the core of President Bush's support and angered long-time supporters, who view his tough stance and words against terrorism undermined by this deal. The president has threatened a veto of any congressional action to stop this deal, and it will be interesting to see how congress reacts to what the overwhelming criticism of this proposed deal in an election year.
- Marcus Woollen, Editor


Dear George:

I am appalled at the sale of 6 of our MAJOR ports to the United Arab Emirates! Are you saying to the American people that America is for sale to the highest bidder????

In a speech you gave to the American people on September 2, 2004 at the Republican National Convention in Madison Square Gardens, you said, "I believe the most solemn duty of the American President is to protect the American people. If America shows uncertainty or weakness in this decade, the world will drift toward tragedy. This will not happen on my watch." I am republican, and I supported you through the debates and through all the trials the media was saying about you. And after saying we are safe with you as president, I felt relieved. However, now with the possible sale of our ports, you are vowing to VETO any legislation that would block this sale. I don't know about everyone, else, but that doesn't make me feel good.

You stood with people in NYC and rescue workers telling them you would do whatever it takes to defend our country. Can you look at them and all the people who lost someone that tragic day in September that this is safe? That the intelligence of America is SO great, you would be able to foresee a threat? If that is so, why did September 11 happen?

"Do I forget the lessons of September the 11th and take the word of a madman, or do I take action to defend our country? Faced with that choice, I will defend America every time. " If in fact, you choose to defend America every time, this port issue will be laid to rest. You are giving control to a country that has allowed the terrorists to use to get to us. More and more every day I regret voting for you. You have the great presidents such as Reagan, rolling over in their graves. You have a duty and a responsibility to the people that have put you where you are right now, to do what is right for this country. Not what is right for YOU or your allies, the Saudi family.

Age 26
Cedar Springs, MI


Dear George:

Please rescind any deals selling American seaport operating control to foreign business interests. I daresay we cannot buy any of theirs. The Chinese are already trying to get control of the Panama Canal and the Port of Los Angeles. How much are you asking?

You seem to consider America as being one, vast yard sale. Is your hobby collecting black holes for us taxpayers? How about keeping a little bit of America for our children, and yours?

Age 75
West Jordan, Utah


Dear George:

I have supported everything you have done and voted for you both times. I have really supported your act on terrorism, but I must say that I do NOT agree with you on THE PORT issue, I think this is a big mistake. I have been listening to my friends, fellow employees, and family and everyone things this a a crazy move for you to make.

You don't give an inch on your terrorism policy and I certainly stand behind you but this is complete turnaround. Please reconsider. It certainly doesn't make sense. Why should any other country especially an Arab country take over our ports??


Age 56
Woodbridge, NJ

Dear George:

I greet you with the grace of the god of heaven and earth. Sir i was shock to read in the morning paper that here we go selling off America to over sea government in the middle east. I wonder when you will stop this selling of this country to bail you out of poor management of the resources of this great land. Sir how many more jobs and security items do you you plan to bring us further down. You got this country in a tail spend with the war, just as you made a mess with the saving and loan back when you Father was president. I ask this of you,How does one come to office with a balance budget and with all good sense plunge a nation in to triple debt and be an effective leader. Sir whom are you helping?

Age 56


Dear George:
Please stop this overseas and bring America back yo be strong and independent. Please keep America and the morals that built this country strong. We as Americans can and will be strong, we need to be independent!!

Age 58
Red Hill, PA


Dear George:

I have never been more disappointed with your choices than to keep this war going on in Iraq. I want our men to come home safe and sound and let the Iraq people take care of themselves. I see no amount of troops will make a difference in their attitudes towards life. They will never stop killing each other and our soldiers.

Also, Port Newark does not need to be owned by Arabs, nor should any other US port. This seems to interfere in my mind with our Security issues. How could you even think to allow this. What's in it for you?

I am counting the days till you leave office, I think you have screwed up our country with all you needs to take on the world.

Age 52
New Jersey

President Bush; I have supported you 1000% to date, but I do not support you in any fashion to sell our shipping ports to any country, especially an Arabian country. Will our country one day be owned and operated by all but Americans??? I Pray not. To sell them now- is forever.

Age 78
Seneca Falls, NY


Dear George:

It is appalling enough that:
  • you stole the election both times.
  • you and your cohorts mock the constitution and the citizens of the United States.
  • you allow our country to be terrorized by 9-11 and over 2500 people die because of it. I believe you allowed it to happen.
  • you are a blundering, stumbling,uneducated (your family riches got you into Harvard) idiot.
  • you have gotten us in an war so you and your rich buddies can get even richer at the expense of our soldiers and even innocent Iraqi people.
  • you are trying to sell our country to foreign interests who in the long run will do us tremendous harm. I am totally against the sale of our ports to foreign interests. I believe that this should be considered a traitorous and impeachable offense.

Please resign before you do this country more harm.


Age 52
Mobile, Alabama


Dear George:

I have backed and took up for the President, but this idea for a Arab taking over our ports is going to far. The American people had better stand up and stop this now! And I am not a person against other countries or races!

Age 62
Walker, LA


February 22, 2006

US Port Security and Transfer (Part II)

Dear George:

I have been a loyal supporter. But that is about to change. If you allow any foreign company to run any of our ports. sea or air, especially one based in an Arab nation while we are at war with the terrorist groups which have backers there, I will do everything I can to reduce your actions. How can you be so insensitive? This would be more than DUMB! How can you invite such people into such high security areas? If you do not back down, if you do indeed veto congressional action to stop it, you will feel the biggest backlash from the American public. For God's sake rethink this issue!

Age 72
Mission Viejo, CA


Dear George:

I am more than a little dismayed by your decision below. It makes no sense in lieu of the war you've chosen to pursue overseas. If you're going to allow an Arab company to operate our U.S. ports, you might as well bring the troops home safely. No point getting more young people killed if you're inviting trouble in through the front door.

I voted for you twice based on the fact that you always seemed to be in touch with your true self and stuck to your values regardless of public opinion. But this is a huge mistake that I hope we don't end up paying for with another Sept. 11th. If there is, it will rest squarely on your shoulders. Quite honestly, I don't think you have the moral right to veto it. You've always described your duty as "to protect the country"...so where is this decision coming from? You are on a self-destruct course.

I will be changing my party to "independent" in the next election. The only worse than Democrats right now is Republicans!

I'm totally baffled by how what you're preaching to the congregation isn't what you're singing to with the choir. Very, very disappointing and concerning!!!

From an Ex-Republican,

Age 53
Allentown, PA


Dear George:

I am amazed! How can you approve an Arab company managing our ports? I would like to see you approve an Arab company running the secret service! You probably wouldn't. We have to go through many steps at the airport, but now we are going to trust a company to do what they say they will do, what they should do, and their interests are NOT ours!

This is unacceptable. I have stood by you all these years, and was proud to be a Republican. If this goes through I am leaving the party. You don't get it.

Our Southern borders are not protected, now we are going to put our ports at risk.

Very disappointing. It highlights you must have ties to Arab companies after all. I was hoping Michael Moore was wrong. You just keep giving him more amo.

Age 52
Valencia, CA


Dear George:
Are you out of your mind? Allowing a Dubai-based company to conduct port security at 6 major U.S. ports is absolutely ridiculous! A staunch supporter of the GOP and you, I now find myself asking the question "Why?". This latest action from your administration is nothing short of stupid, and borders on incompetence. If you go through with this you should be impeached and removed from office... both you and Vice President Dick Cheney. After careful consideration sir, I find your administration to be corrupt, shameful, and replete with lies. You should be removed from office.

Age 41
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


February 21, 2006

US Port Security and Transfer to Dubai Ports World of the United Arab Emirates

Editors note: In the two and a half years this site has been running, I don't believe there has been a single political issue around which the response through letters has been so one-sided, and so immediate. This web site has not recieved one letter in support of the transfer of six US ports to control by Dubai Ports World. As such, instead of our traditional format of running two letters on opposite sides of an issue, we will run a selection of letters representative of the letters that have been recieved through this website.

- Marcus Woollen, Editor

(Full Disclosure - Mr. Woollen lives two blocks from the New York Passenger Ship Terminal in midtown Manhattan, one of the ports affected by the proposed deal)


Dear George:

Please consider the fact that I too love the United States of America and that after Bin Laden declared war on the United States in the early 1990’s I also laughed. But all know what then occurred when the radical Islamists became patient enough, or so it appears, to hurt our great country. I’m no expert, but I believe they got their education here and abroad acting as normal people with Arabic ties.

By selling portions of U.S. ports to the United Arab Emirates, the U.S. would easily be infiltrated by such. (Friendly Arabs, working at the U.S. ports, and then changing their demeanor as hate mongers willing to kill the U.S.) The risk is too great! At least now. Don’t allow sales of such to the U.A.E.

Age 45


Honorable President Bush:

I am totally opposed to selling any US ports to Dubai or any other Muslim country. Saudi Arabia is supposed to be our ally and they destroy Bibles that enter their country and persecute anyone who converts to Christianity. Last year there were 160,000 Christians murdered by Muslims simply because they were Christians in predominantly Muslim countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, etc. Muslims are only loyal to Muslims and I do not trust them as history as shown. Muslims even in the US military in Kuwait murdered soldiers in their own platoon. The book of the Koran justifies destroying any “infidel” which is a non-Muslim. Do not sell any port to any Muslim country!

Age 50
St. Petersburg, FL


Dear George:

I voted for you to be my president both times. I have been agreement with most of your decisions and directions for my country. However, recently you have not been acting very presidential. I can’t believe that you would be involved in making a deal that would allow the United Arab Emirates to take over the ownership and control of any of our Ports, let alone our most important ones. Where is your head Sir? These Arabs are Muslims. If you think that this war that we are involved in is just a war against alkaida, you are not as smart as you would like to make those of us who have supported and defended you, think you are. This is a religious war! Please understand this and make no mistake about it. Look to history Sir. Any nation that makes alliances with enemies is doomed to destruction.

Age 68
Tillamook, OR


Dear George:

I strongly oppose any foreign government owning or controlling our shipping ports. Please stop this action now!

Thank you.

P.S. I voted for you in both elections although I am independent

Age 68
Jackson, TN


Dear George:

Please tell us that you can stop the Middle Eastern Company from even using our ports, give them back the money they paid please.

Age 74
Boise, ID

Dear George:

Please let up on the stupid pills. Put the UAE in charge of our ports?

George, you just don’t go far enough. How about giving them a few nuclear (oops, sorry; nucular) missiles? Or is it easier to just fire a few at our own cities, so they don’t have to go to the trouble?
Your friend,

An Amurrican

Age 73
New York, NY


Dear George:

How can you let the sale of are ports in the U.S. continue. I voted for you and stand up for you but I feel like a fool. Our ports should not be owned by people who we have any problems with. They may or may not harm us but why make American people feel like we are not protected. The stress of that alone is doing harm to your own people. Your a smart man please do not allow this to happen, it is not too late please make us feel secure.

Thank You,

Age 36


Dear George:

You are making a huge mistake if you allow our ports to be controlled by Mid-east connected countries.


Age 73
Grand Island, NY


Dear George:

I am a Republican that voted for you in the last two elections. I do think we made a mistake in going into Iraq, but like a lot of other Americans I think we are stuck in this mess, and somehow or other have to find an honorable way out of it.

I am particularly disenchanted with Michael Chertoff. It should be apparent to you that this man is not a leader. The mess in New Orleans was his responsibility, and he blew it big time. You appointed him to this post, and he has the responsibility and the horses to make it work, but he is not a competent man. Face the reality and get rid of him, what are we going to do if we face a major problem such as a nuke attack.

I am also very upset with the situation of turning over the port security on six of our major ports to an Islamic country, this is sheer madness, please cancel this deal.

Age 69


President Bush

Do not allow this contract to go through...re: the ports.

You will never go down in history as a good president..if this goes through..new yorkers,,,are very very upset about this.. this will be a blow for the republicans..

Age 59
New York


Dear George:

I continue to pray for you daily. May God grant you wisdom and a clear vision, including those who advise you. Your job is a vast and complex one.
My concerns are about our security in the USA and protecting the land God gave the Israelites. We the people need to have protection concerning our ports, borders and finances. I can't believe anyone would consider allowing an Arab nation to have any control in these areas. No matter what our seeming relationship is with them they cannot be trusted. We need to be in control of all of these things and seek to end any dependence on foreign oil, investments in our economy, and the rights of illegals over our own citizens. Thank you for your considerations. God bless you

Age 59
Columbia Heights, Minnesota


February 06, 2006

Manchurian Candidate

Dear George:

Well, I admit I am a Democrat, but I am not a fool. I just wanted you to know that the idea or license to listen in on our phones, etc. comes with my full approval.

I have nothing to hide, and know you would not object to my political opinions on the war especially since I am 79 years old and simply too aged to do any damage to anyone. In fact, I have never approved of violence of any kind.

But, as I said, I am anything but a fool, and I have no doubt we have many
“sleepers” in this country whom, upon reacting like the “Manchurian Candidate” are fully capable of rending horrific damage on our society, and that we must take every precaution to prevent this from ever happening.

So, okay Mr. Republican, I don’t agree with all your views, but on this one, ABSOLUTELY YES!! I truly wish my fellow citizens would stop and think what the real dangers are---having your phone tapped or being blown to bits (or biologically destroyed!)

You go right ahead a tap all you want.

Age 78
Hamilton, MT


Life is cyclic

Dear George:

I’m outraged by the idea that your administration treats the American public like a group of idiots; your State of the Union address on 31 Jan 06 was a testament to this attitude.

“America is addicted to oil,” you say. The Republican Party and “Big Business” are addicted to oil - I say. So do something about it, other than using it as a platform to secure a position for the next Republican candidate to vie for office.

The fact that you used the words of a patriot, Staff Sergeant Clay, to further your own political ends, is disgusting. You and your administration should be ashamed of abusing the sacrifice of a man who died believing he was serving his nation, and for sending him to serve your own political agenda in the first place.

Life is cyclic Mr. Bush - you’ll get yours.

Looking forward to seeing you and your masters out of the White House,

Age 38
West Virginia


December 19, 2005

Protect America at all costs

Dear George:

Thank you, and thank God that you are President of America at this time. Your decision to protect America at all costs and use the eavesdropping ability is correct. A mushroom cloud over a U.S, city would end our lives as we know them. Keep up the good work and God Bless America and God bless you. A WWII Veteran

Age 79
Anchorage, AK


Nosing around in my private affairs

Dear George:

The end does not justify the means! You seem to think that the threat of terrorism gives you a license to do whatever you want. As a disabled veteran, I am deeply troubled by your fascist tendencies and your willingness to run roughshod over my Constitutional and inalienable rights. I am willing to bet that this letter will result in being put on one of your NSA/CIA watch lists and your minions will waste a lot of time nosing around in my private affairs. They will only find that I am a good citizen and that I take my oath to protect and defend the Constitution very seriously. The citizens of this country would be served much better if you would rein yourself in. So far, you and your appointees have demonstrated that you all are the greatest threat to our Constitutional democracy.

Age 61
Sitka, AK


December 13, 2005

Homeless from Katrina

Dear George:

My family has been left homeless from Katrina. We moved from New Orleans to Georgia. I desperately want to be close to my family that is all split-up right now. FEMA is calling me ineligible for housing assistance because I had “some” insurance. I had very little. My family needs housing assistance. We received it for 3 months and now that I have signed a lease, FEMA is denying me assistance.

We will never be able to get back “home” without any more assistance to carry us over until things in New Orleans improve, including the levees. Please help us or tell me what to do?

Age 62
New Orleans, LA


Have you already forgotten?

Dear George:

My wife and are victims of Hurricane Katrina and formerly lived in the Lakeview area of New Orleans. Immediately after the storm, you made promises to help rebuild New Orleans. But just a few short months after the storm, we no longer sense that your promises will be fulfilled. Have you already forgotten about those promises?

Maybe the United States does not really want to rebuild the great city of New Orleans. If so, please tell us that that is the case. Don’t just let us wondering if we will ever be able to live in our neighborhood once again. We are currently living on the North side of Lake Pontchartrain. Although my wife is working, I no longer have a job. I was a pharmacy director at a large hospital in New Orleans that has since closed its doors. The job situation for all hospital workers in the area is rather bleak and there do not exist many choices.

Will this be the death of a great American City as stated in an editorial by the New York Times?

Age 52
New Orleans, LA


December 08, 2005

Keep us better

Mr. President,

I am a former member of the United States Army, a service I was proud to perform for America. I remember all the different times we had classes, both in Basic and in permanent units, on the Geneva Convention and proper treatment of prisoners. For all that I didn’t like classes that much, I felt a sense of pride when we conducted these classes because they told us we had not only one of the best equipment and training in the world, we had the best moral bedrock for our actions.

Now, Mr. President, I’m no longer certain of that. I tend to take most media with a large grain of salt but at a certain point it’s impossible to ignore what’s going on. I read the words of your staff and they’re tap-dancing around the truth. I read your directives and they say to ignore laws and principles that have set us apart as a nation for decades. The Patriot Act is being abused every day but no one speaks up. The CIA takes people into custody and whisks them away to foreign soil so they can take advantage of a loophole to use reprehensible means to get questionable data.

Mr. President, I am a loyal American. I love my country and know how fortunate I am to have been born here. I want to keep that feeling of pride, of almost divine favor in being American. Don’t let us descend to the level of those who attack us. Don’t make us like them. Rule of Law is better than absolutism. Keep us better.

Thank you, Sir, for your time and attention.

Age 47
Clovis, New Mexico


Liberal weenies

Dear George:

I would like the opportunity to thank you for being our president! I know you don’t hear that enough if not at all! I am a 29 year old single parent that works two jobs a total of 65 hours a week and I refuse to use the welfare system because to many people use it as a crutch!

I am so proud of my daughter who turned three this past September! She is my everything and with you serving as our president I feel secure in my daughter’s safety! This war is so much more then anyone could ever imagine! I know your heart is heavy and at times may feel overwhelmed but I am a true believer that God never gives us more then we can handle and that my friend is why he chose you to protect our country! What an awesome burden to carry!

I believe several people have forgotten about 9/11, but I have not! I am thankful for my freedom of which most liberals take for granted! Thank you for making me and my daughter feel more secure and defending us even though others find this war pointless. I know this is something bigger then anyone could comprehend and I thank you for staying true! For all those liberal weenies that stood there tall with you the day of 9/11 ready to defend this country what will it take for you guys to realize that we are doing the right thing? Another 9/11? How very sad!

Thank you again Mr. President for remaining true!

Age 29
Frederick, MD


December 07, 2005

Once again, Saddam is in control

Dear George:

I can’t believe that Saddam is allowed to defy the court. We could never get away with that, so once again Saddam is in control. This needs to be dealt with at once and the mockery stopped. Don’t you agree?

Age 73
Coral Springs, FL


Christmas with our families

Dear George:

Why is the military still in Iraq? Why can’t we spend Christmas with our families that have been over there - seems like forever now? My brother is on his third tour since this started his name is Michael Louis Cochran he is in the marines and has a kid and one on the way that he never gets to see!! I just think that if you get to spend holidays with your family so should everybody else!!!

Age 21
Iimperial, Missouri


November 26, 2005

We can be thankful

Dear George:

On this Thanksgiving Day, as our courageous troops are stretched thin,
protecting other countries and bringing them the “freedom” which we
in America are losing, as our borders remain just as unprotected as they
were prior to 9/11, as our American values, our language, our history, and
our freedoms are under assault, as our ranchers in the border states live in
fear for their lives, as untold numbers of illegal aliens and terrorists
pour across our borders every day, as one third of all those incarcerated in
our jails are illegal aliens which we, the citizens, must pay for, as our
schools are failing, our hospitals closing, our infrastructure crumbling
under the burden of illegal immigration.......... we ALL have one thing in
common for which we can be thankful.

Thank God you can not run again.

As as American who loves this country, I pray that God will give all of us
the wisdom to abandon the two political parties that have abandoned us and
destroyed this country and to vote Third Party. May God bless the
Minutemen, and the American patriots like Tom Tancredo, Virgil Goode, and
Ron Paul, who put their love of country above their own political careers.
As for George Bush Sr. and Jr., Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Tom Feeney, John
Mica, Jimmy Carter, and all of the other politicians whose greed, hubris,
and misguided “New World Order” agenda have ruined this
country...may they and their families one day reap the same suffering that
the common American has been dealt at their hands.

Age 53
Altamonte Springs, FL


Be thankful

Dear George:

On this Thanksgiving Day I will not criticize but be thankful for
having such a great president as yourself and for your doing your best as
our president. I am currently a teacher experiencing classroom management
problems and don’t know if I can continue to work in the current
district I work in. However that will not keep me from loving the education
field and trying to better myself.

I am also a sergeant in the Air Force Reserve who has an idea
possibly that might somehow capture or hinder the terrorist network that we
need so much to stop. I am suggesting, Mr. President that we volunteer to
help more with the Pakistan earthquake effort. As an air transportation
sergeant I am willing to volunteer anytime to try to help in that relief
effort. It would send goodwill to that country and in the meantime possibly
bring a concentrated effort against possible terrorists in the area.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

SSGt Patricia
Age 48
Willow Grove, PA


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