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February 22, 2006

US Port Security and Transfer (Part II)

Dear George:

I have been a loyal supporter. But that is about to change. If you allow any foreign company to run any of our ports. sea or air, especially one based in an Arab nation while we are at war with the terrorist groups which have backers there, I will do everything I can to reduce your actions. How can you be so insensitive? This would be more than DUMB! How can you invite such people into such high security areas? If you do not back down, if you do indeed veto congressional action to stop it, you will feel the biggest backlash from the American public. For God's sake rethink this issue!

Age 72
Mission Viejo, CA


Dear George:

I am more than a little dismayed by your decision below. It makes no sense in lieu of the war you've chosen to pursue overseas. If you're going to allow an Arab company to operate our U.S. ports, you might as well bring the troops home safely. No point getting more young people killed if you're inviting trouble in through the front door.

I voted for you twice based on the fact that you always seemed to be in touch with your true self and stuck to your values regardless of public opinion. But this is a huge mistake that I hope we don't end up paying for with another Sept. 11th. If there is, it will rest squarely on your shoulders. Quite honestly, I don't think you have the moral right to veto it. You've always described your duty as "to protect the country"...so where is this decision coming from? You are on a self-destruct course.

I will be changing my party to "independent" in the next election. The only worse than Democrats right now is Republicans!

I'm totally baffled by how what you're preaching to the congregation isn't what you're singing to with the choir. Very, very disappointing and concerning!!!

From an Ex-Republican,

Age 53
Allentown, PA


Dear George:

I am amazed! How can you approve an Arab company managing our ports? I would like to see you approve an Arab company running the secret service! You probably wouldn't. We have to go through many steps at the airport, but now we are going to trust a company to do what they say they will do, what they should do, and their interests are NOT ours!

This is unacceptable. I have stood by you all these years, and was proud to be a Republican. If this goes through I am leaving the party. You don't get it.

Our Southern borders are not protected, now we are going to put our ports at risk.

Very disappointing. It highlights you must have ties to Arab companies after all. I was hoping Michael Moore was wrong. You just keep giving him more amo.

Age 52
Valencia, CA


Dear George:
Are you out of your mind? Allowing a Dubai-based company to conduct port security at 6 major U.S. ports is absolutely ridiculous! A staunch supporter of the GOP and you, I now find myself asking the question "Why?". This latest action from your administration is nothing short of stupid, and borders on incompetence. If you go through with this you should be impeached and removed from office... both you and Vice President Dick Cheney. After careful consideration sir, I find your administration to be corrupt, shameful, and replete with lies. You should be removed from office.

Age 41
Fort Lauderdale, Florida



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