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April 29, 2005

I caught some of that news conference last night

Dear George (W):

I really admire how you managed to get so many people to vote for you a 2nd term... bravo, even all of my friends. I caught some of that news conference last night, the 28th, those guys were hammering you with questions... wow, I must hand it to you, great job on indirectly replying with generic answers then swiftly changing the subject and calling on someone else to answer before the person had a chance to refute for a 2nd or even 3rd time. Even better I noticed you mentioned this gas crisis was 10 years in the making because of a lack of "energy bill" in this country. Let I need remind even you who the president was past 5 of those 10 years? That's a given.

Its going to take a lot of dedication to rectify the current situation in this country in which you've helped create, also in this world as a whole. It seems you've found a way to capitalize on every problem, and actually write off the issue to something completely other than what it actually was that instigated it.

I don't have time to write anything else.

I'm just counting down the years until the corruption in the current administration gets pulled apart.

Age 20
Springfield, VA


Way too intelligent for them

Dear Mr. President,

It was abundantly obvious at your conference that most of the journalists can only parrot the liberal bias against you. The responses you gave were way too intelligent for them to comprehend. They just can't relate to someone whose life is motivated by a faith that requires honesty and fairness for all of humanity.

Keep up the good work. Our prayers are with you.


Fort Worth, TX


You responded to every question, but answered none

Dear George:

You responded to every question, but answered none!

You spoke to the issue of energy saving vehicles yet you gave a 'special' tax incentive to those 'business owners' that bought the biggest gas-guzzling SUVs they could buy.

Your VP, your right arm, has steadfastly refused to increase the requirement that Detroit manufacture higher mileage vehicles.

You claim to want to 'Protect' America and you leave our borders wide open and insult those Americans who, on their own, are closing the gaping wholes allowing 'anyone' to enter the U.S.

You sent our youth to war unprepared with inadequate protection which condition still exists. You claim your 'intelligence' was wrong and that is why you went to war when we all know the intelligence was 'squeezed' into the lie and the rest of the world begged us to allow the inspectors more time to complete what just proved to be the glaring fact You lied and still lie about this illegal war. You said, God Bless America last night but I say, God Help America and forgive her for the masses no not what we do.

Joe C.
Age 72
Boynton Beach, FL


Why has no one in public office taken up this argument?

Dear Mr. President George Bush and Fellow Citizens of The United States of America

I've often wondered what is wrong with the Legislative and Executive Branches of our federal government and have asked myself why our representative stewards have not raised their voices using the authority "We the People" have vested them with and stopped the Judicial branch from it's destructive illegal paths. I've waited for years (my bad) for someone in representative power to read the constitution and apply it to the un-constitutional hate America pro-death craze our country through the Judicial Branch seems blood thirsty for. The Constitution, in part, reads as follows. "We the People of the United States of America, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the General Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America." In my mind the preamble, by saying "this Constitution, is as much the Constitution as is the body. The preamble establishes: the framers "We the People" not just those who penned the treatise but "We" who now live in it's shadow; the motives, establishing the ensuing document; the identities of those benefitting from the declarative writing. Citizens of America our Constitution makes "secure the Blessings of Liberty to ... our Posterity", conclusively the unborn citizens of this nation have as much right to protection of law as do the born. Anything less demands an amendment to the Constitution enacted by "We the People". As dynamically our constitution is exclusive, foreign interest are excluded, illegal aliens are excluded and rule out side the boundaries set forth are excluded, the Judiciary shall make NO law! Why has no one in public office (power) taken up this argument before the nation?

In 1992 I painted a picture titled "Uncle Sam Eating His Children" in it I decoupaged the Preamble and editorially painted the word 'NOT' (in satirical displeasure) by the Constitutional Introduction.

I offer this work to the nation at no cost and relinquish all copyright and hopes of monetary gain from it's reproduction. This painting is the most brutal, ugly, disgusting, and garish work I have ever done, it is not my favorite but I think it is one of my most honest, moving and powerful statements. If you are as weary and vexed as I am by the failures of our representative governments' anti- liberty pro-death philosophies as I, please begin speaking out once again, audibly proclaim your dissatisfaction, please with whatever voice you have expose how you the "We" require our servants to behave. Use all your constitutional rights to require our federal government to comply to the document "We" authorize them under. Our motto should be "Strike down Judicial rule, Strike down Judicial rule, Strike down Judicial rule, " Adnauseum, until our servants serve us as "We" have hired them to do.

Bruce A.
Age 51
Renton, WA

I'm sorry this format will not allow me to post a digital reproduction, the thought carries itself.


What if I don't make it until next Thursday?

Dear George:

I would like to voice my concerns about your recent press conference. I returned home from the gym at promptly 7:00 p.m. Central Standard time. I turned on my television and was shocked to see your face on the television screen, instead of Adam Brody's. You should imagine the look of disappointment on my face. It wasn't the fact that you ruined my ability to watch the OC on April, 28th, ultimately your ruined my entire day. I was having a horrible day, when suddenly I realized that everything would be okay because the OC would come on later that night. In fine print under the headline "Bush on Social Security" it read "This episode of the OC can be seen next Thursday on Fox at 7 p.m. followed by and all new episode at 8 p.m." What if I don't make it until next Thursday? My last memory of the OC will be it getting cut out because of a tornado warning last week, which again never happened. That is the same thing I suspect with your new social security plan, it will never work out for us. On this episode, The Nana is getting married, and one of my favorite rappers, T.I. is going to be performing. I hope your satisfied knowing you ruined a poor 18 year old girl's day. I hope your satisfied knowing you fed our entire nation a bunch of BS.

Age 18
Claremore, OK


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