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July 06, 2004

Benefit of the doubt

Dear George:

Nice job with running the country into the ground.

As a former member of our armed forces I have watched with horror as you have needlessly caused the deaths of over 850 American men and women. It is a shame that while you never saw a need to risk your life in Vietnam, you feel no such compunction about the lives you have destroyed and the people you have had maimed. For what? Nothing as far as I can see.

I wanted to give you the benefit of the doubt as President, I wanted to hope for the best, but since 9/11 I have seen nothing more than bad decisions compounded by more bad decisions. What is nice is the way in which you (or your team of political operatives) have attempted to cover all of these “mistakes” with a thick blanket of lies.

I supported Afghanistan for obvious reasons, unfortunately the reasoning has become considerably more opaque as time has passed. Why are we in Iraq? Sit me down and explain it, make me believe it, until you do this you will have to do without my vote.

Age 36
Syracuse, NY


We do not have a right to know

Dear George:

I am just a simple girl lives in a simple life. Many people try to say you
are doing the wrong thing by going to Iraq .I am not sure if they are
right. After all you know all the secrets behind close door. And the general
public do not! I feel we do not have a right to know (due to national
security). So I wish the media & the general public get off your back !
People should not talk about things that they do not know the truth behind
it! I pray to God you are doing the right thing. Only You and God knows
that & maybe some of your staff. All I know is this : you will have to
live with your decision no matter what they are for this country & the
welfare of the people.....

41 but going on 16
Annandale , VA


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