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February 06, 2006

Manchurian Candidate

Dear George:

Well, I admit I am a Democrat, but I am not a fool. I just wanted you to know that the idea or license to listen in on our phones, etc. comes with my full approval.

I have nothing to hide, and know you would not object to my political opinions on the war especially since I am 79 years old and simply too aged to do any damage to anyone. In fact, I have never approved of violence of any kind.

But, as I said, I am anything but a fool, and I have no doubt we have many
“sleepers” in this country whom, upon reacting like the “Manchurian Candidate” are fully capable of rending horrific damage on our society, and that we must take every precaution to prevent this from ever happening.

So, okay Mr. Republican, I don’t agree with all your views, but on this one, ABSOLUTELY YES!! I truly wish my fellow citizens would stop and think what the real dangers are---having your phone tapped or being blown to bits (or biologically destroyed!)

You go right ahead a tap all you want.

Age 78
Hamilton, MT


Life is cyclic

Dear George:

I’m outraged by the idea that your administration treats the American public like a group of idiots; your State of the Union address on 31 Jan 06 was a testament to this attitude.

“America is addicted to oil,” you say. The Republican Party and “Big Business” are addicted to oil - I say. So do something about it, other than using it as a platform to secure a position for the next Republican candidate to vie for office.

The fact that you used the words of a patriot, Staff Sergeant Clay, to further your own political ends, is disgusting. You and your administration should be ashamed of abusing the sacrifice of a man who died believing he was serving his nation, and for sending him to serve your own political agenda in the first place.

Life is cyclic Mr. Bush - you’ll get yours.

Looking forward to seeing you and your masters out of the White House,

Age 38
West Virginia


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