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June 10, 2004

Goodbye and good riddance

Hey, uhh,,,

Mr. President just doesn't seem appropriate for you George so I will just say “hey you”. Or maybe “hey Mr. Jester”, or “Mr. ha ha”. Or how about something befitting the coy little word butcher that’s ridden that cuteness right into the oval office. Oh well.

Anyways, Georgie consider this, the jig is up! We have had about enough of your ignorance and destruction. There's not one breath exhaled out of your mouth that doesn't have the political significance of it weighed into the equation. Every move you and your handler's make is geared with an eye on the next election where after you can wreak complete and utter havoc on the world and America as we know it. That Reagan guy was certainly a butcher in his day and I’m sure he died from his conscience overwhelming him, but I don't believe you have a conscience in you.

And that’s what is really scary to me. Giving you another 4 years in the white house is like giving rush Limbaugh a job on the Oxycontin assembly line. It's been said that monkeys will choose cocaine over food and water to the point of death. Well power is your new cocaine George. And we are the ones dying. It's the poor sods around the world and of course us fools back home in the ol' US of A!

George, have you gotten the point here yet? You are a contemptible, incompetent, foolhardy, hair triggered man with power that is completely oblivious not only in being able to use that power wisely but you don't even know that there IS a wise use of power. There has never been anything you have done Mr. Resident that hasn't been done for purely selfish purposes for you and the people you work for. Like I said before George, the jig is up.

We're done with you and you're ilk. WE are reclaiming OUR country and WE are going to hold YOU and your cronies responsible in the end. The hell with waiting for your creator to judge you George, that will be our job. When it all comes out in the wash this mansion of cards that has been allowed to flourish like a deadly mold through every open pore in the fabric of our society will be quashed permanently. The only good thing about you George is that you are SO reprehensible that we will NEVER EVER in our future forget what people like you and Nixon and Reagan have done to us. This time WE WILL NOT FORGET and WE will NOT let our children forget either!

Goodbye and good riddance.

Mike, Age 46
Madison, WI


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