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August 31, 2005

New Orleans II

Dear George:

I viewed your comments on the news last night. All broadcasts have been following your return from “vacation”. You are due to give a talk tonight concerning the devastation along the Gulf Coast.

My opinion sir...it is a time for action not words. I understand you have many people worried about gas prices and where this country is headed after such devastation. But there are, unfortunately, a hell of a lot more people that need your help. The people that need you can not hear you. They don't have electricity.

The people need water, not words. The people need shelter, not promises. The victims of this tragedy are still in peril. They could die from exposure and lack of fresh water. We are able to provide for thousands in Iraq. Why is it taking so long to do it here at home?

Age 25
Denver, CO


New Orleans

Dear George:

How dare you vacation while New Orleans is being hit with a disaster of such a magnitude! You should have been at work; you know what that is, don't you? You should have been making sure that all the residents were evacuated as the mayor ordered, you should have been making sure guard troops were mobilized to do house to house searches to make sure that people were out. If we can do house to house searches in Iraq, we should be able to do them in the USA in cases such as this. You should have made sure that emergency funds were available to those who needed financial assistance, but no… you have to “get back to your life,” too bad you don’t realize that being the President is a 24 hour a day job, or maybe it is not to bad, you do a lot of damage while you are at “work.” you are an ass, now there is death and destruction here at home, I lay the extent of the death at your feet, it will be a great day for the USA when you are out of office, a monkey could do a better job than you.

Age 37
North Dakota


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