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January 31, 2005

Ant-Midas touch

Dear George:

My first name is also George and you bring shame to it. You have the anti-Midas touch. Everything you contact turns into a disaster. Your entire administration is corrupt from head to toe. You know it and you don't care. You are killing Iraqis for no good reason. You are killing Americans for no good reason. You then proceed to hide behind your idea of God and use gay marriage, race and abortion to win public approval for your evil. You know exactly what you are doing, you and your buddy Karl Rove. I personally don't believe in heaven or hell but you have created hell on earth for many people. I hope there is a God that rewards the good and punishes the wicked because you are at the top of that list. The saddest part is that you have taken good people and turned them into exactly what you are. You are a cancer, a coward and deserve to die for what you have done.

Impeach Bush now!

Age 37
Charlotte, NC


God's finest hour

Dear George:

Mr. President I have never written a president in my life, but, I know God's finest hour is coming upon the earth and how honored I am to live in this age.

I thank Jesus for you daily and I am so glad you are our president and you make me very proud to be a Texan by birth. I am very glad you are a Christian also because I know if we don't stand for something we will fall for anything.

The war in Iraq is horrible but it is only scriptural and I pray for our soldiers as I am sure you do also. In I Kings the word of God says "and there was the time when Kings went out to war" we are fighting for the Judeo-Christain way of life and I am proud of my president and the stands you are taking against same sex marriage and doing what you can for abortion.

I am not a fool I know u have as many strongholds against u as Joshua did at the battle of Jericho, but know that you are respected honored and prayed for in my corner of the states and as Joshua I know if we remain steadfast and keep to the Lords ways and instructions, like Joshua when at last we blow our trumpets our walls too will also come down. God Bless You President Bush, and keep you and may his face shine upon you and may our Lord be gracious and give you peace.

With Respect and Honor For You

I Remain Sincerely Yours

Age 48


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