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June 28, 2005

If the French don't like it

Dear Mr President:

Don't pay any attention to what the news media or Hollywood has to say about the war on terror. During the Cold War they backed the Russians and Viet Cong. Now its Islamic terrorists. Reagan broke the back of the communists and it is something liberals will always hate him for. Find out who the terrorists are, find out where they are, and kill them. If the French don't like, tell them to go f--- themselves.

Age 58
Orange, CA


My way or the hell with you

Dear George:

I am a 57 year old southern white male who is not for special treatment for the gay lifestyle nor do I support abortions for convenience of life style. However I believe you are the worst President in modern times when it comes to presiding over the principles of our founding fathers and our constitutional rights.

You and your administration seem to have a 'my way or the hell with you' style of governing that is divisive and certainly not efficient in uniting this nation. No wonder your poll ratings that you and your administration so frivolously brush off are falling. Simply because you are so out of touch with reality. The results of your policies on the middle class and working poor are devastating the real strength of this nation; It's people.

One of these days your and your peers' money is going to be worthless and you are going to say "What happened?"

Your trade policies and non-enforcement of them and illegal immigration laws, along with misdirection of a just war to a grudge one, catering to corporate lobbyists,rising corporate executive income at the expense of the middle and lower income class worker's jobs and ability to pay their bills,the supporting the selling off of America to foreign business men is certainly not patriotic in my book.

I pray one day you and your power hungry lot wake up before it is too late for the rest of us.

Lenoir, NC


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