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February 03, 2005

State of the Union - Benjamin Franklin

Dear George:

Benjamin Franklin once said "There was never a good war, or a bad peace." I believe this quote completely sums up your administration in one sentence. As I listen to your state of the union address I can't help but wonder if you see the error of your ways. Some people say just because I'm 15, I am not capable of understanding everything that's going on, but in truth I think that my eyes might be more open than most adults.

Having grown up in a Catholic Democratic household, I was taught at a young age that to live and be happy we must first accept all as brothers and sisters. This includes white, black, gay, straight, whatever the situation might be. I was puzzled as a little girl, because I saw how some children treated others. And then I learned why.

We can't expect children to act civilized if we ourselves are not capable of it. So Mr. Bush, although I can't do anything about you being reelected, I want to thank you, mainly for encouraging me to vote at the next presidential election. The last thing we want is someone like you ending up in office again.


Age 15
Houston, Texas


State of the Union - Journalism student

Dear George:

Mr President, I am a Journalism student in college right now. It was the first time, last night, I have ever watched a State of the Union address. I just want to let you know, that I respect you more now as a person, and our countries President, as I ever thought possible. Your stance on abortion being legalized is perfect! I don't know why anyone would want to kill as a way for birth control... I also love what you said about respect for women and the down-trodden in our community.

On a side note, I am 23 years old, was in a life threatening accident, comatose for 6 months, and am currently receiving social security. I love your plan for the future. My father was upset that I'd be getting disability, not knowing if there would be social security for his retirement, but you seem to have a good handle on everything in this country.

I thank God everyday that you are helping to protect our Americans and continue to... Have a very blessed day.

Age 23
Livonia, Michigan


Social Security - Just a farm girl

Not like you're going to actually read this-but-I am now ,53, and maybe by the time the proposal; about Social Security comes to pass,I'll surpass and be the age of 55. I am 80 percent disabled- cannot lift over 5-10 pounds - tops. "Just a farm girl". Would I not love to be back out there in the home lands pulling my own weight,sorry=just cannot do, Mr. President. And I know I voted for you.

Native American Woman

Age 53
North Fort Myers, Florida


Social Security - Capped out

Dear George:

I like most of your ideas, but not raising the payroll cap on social security is one that I don't understand. My husband & I had a small bus. for 26 years. and only a few of those did we have income high enough to reach the cap for eliminating that deduction. Still I never understood why anyone making more money should be able to skirt that responsibility. That's a lot of dollars not going into the kitty when the system is being drained. We have always considered (and our accountant had)our income modest for business owners. There are a lot of "capped out" American Social Security dollars out there that need to be taxed, because the benefits are more expensive and those people especially will want the most for their money. Or maybe not. They may be protected by large firms blanket ins. coverage that they take for granted. We cannot do that. We are on our own, and both with medical conditions rendering us individually uninsurable.

Age 54
Ocala, Florida


Social Security - Changes need to be made

Dear George:

Mr. President,thank you for your comment "Social Security benefits will not change for persons over 65."

However, changes need to be made---Benefits need increasing. The ever increasing cost of housing and health care require major decisions. Should I pay my rent and remain ill, or buy my medicine and become homeless?

I love America, but it is sad how we senior citizens are rewarded for our years of helping to build this great country!

Mr President,you can fix this, please do so.

Thank you in advance, God bless you --God bless America

Age 70


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