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July 20, 2006

A heartless way

Mr. President,

The disgust I feel for your veto of Stem Cell research is beyond any way of expressing. To say that you are the worst president ever is so mild. Perhaps it comes clear when you think of that little strutting man who wants to be remembered at all costs. Removing hope for thousands of people suffering from a terrible illness is a heartless way of doing so.

Never fear that you will not be remembered, not only as a bad president, but a thoroughly incompetent occupant of the White House. A person that has defiled the office of the presidency.

Grant Perkins
Age 82
Captain Cook, Hawaii


On the side of God and the angels

Dear Mr. President:

I want to commend you for standing up, almost all alone, for what is right.  You will not condone murder!  You are definitely on the side of God and the angels.  Those who are against you on this matter of stem cell research, are so mistaken.  If they were to win, humanity would lose.

There is no doubt in my mind that God is smiling down on you.  Would that all your decisions were so simple.  God bless you and guide you in all your other endeavors. 

Sincerely and respectfully,

Erasmo and Martha
Age 70
Albuquerque, NM


Transfer one life to another.

Dear Mr. President:

My name is Ken, 68 years of age and have Parkinson’s for the last nine years and continue to slowly deteriorate. Currently I am the CEO of the National Institute of Community Management which services Home Owners Associations (HOA’s) nationwide. (300,000 associations inhabited by 33,000,000 individuals).

Before you make your final decision on the Veto of the latest “Stem Cell” Bill that has been approved by Congress, I would like you to take into consideration the Following:

Your belief, if I understand it correctly, is that you are “Pro-Life”. If you take that term independently of everything else, I do not think you will find one American who will not agree with you. To disagree they would be saying that they are “Pro Death”. I doubt that you will find one that disagrees with you.

The real question is on the “Stem Cell” issue, are you willing to “Transfer” one Life, the “Stem Cell”, to save another life, my Life.

There are many instances where people will sacrifice their life to save another. If fact you are the world’s leader in approving such a “Transfer” of sacrificing one individual’s life to save many.

You have taken the same stance as what this county was founded upon, to sacrifice ones” life for freedom. But it’s not only Freedom; it’s to save lives of those already here. We will never forget 9/11.

In turn you have authorized troops to go to foreign shores to protect the living at home. Many of those troops will die in order for us to live. (Over 2,500 in IRAQ).

If we took the meaning of “Pro Life” as you may be using to stop the “Stem Cell” law, would you not have to apply that same meaning to call all of our Troops home from IRAQ?

I am not suggesting that you do that. But I am asking you to continue on in following your philosophy, signing the “Stem Cell” bill that will not only save thousands of lives, but millions of American lives. Transfer one life to another.

Thank You,

Age 68
Scottsdale, Arizona


Ate what God intended

Dear Mr. Bush:

Thank you so much for veto on the Stem Cell Research bill.  Even though NBC News stated that the polls said that people were in favor of Stem Cell research.  I do NOT believe the polls.  It would be like playing God, and that we should NOT even attempt to do.

I would highly recommend that the scientists who are so upset about not being able to use Stem Cells, start reseaching what CAUSES these diseases which did not exist a decade ago.  Could it be all the chemicals the manufacuturers of the food industry put in food to give it a longer shelf life?  We know that food industry puts in all kinds of substances in food for longer shelf life, thereby increasing their profit.  Are these same chemicals causing all kinds of disease?

In the Bible you hear nothing of the types of diseases that we have now days.  Was it because people only ate what God intended, foods in their God created state, not preserved for longer shelf life and bigger profits.

My vote will go to the person who clamps down on the food industry by putting stricter controls on what can put into food to give it that longer shelf life.

In the book, "Fast Food Nation" many facts are presented concerning how food gets to market.  This book is only one of hundreds now on the market which addresses what manufacturers put into foods.  When is someone going to take the big step and finance research into what all these chemicals can cause?  Yes, the drug companies and food manufacturers may loose some money, but I'll just bet our nations health would improve tremendously.

But then again, sometimes I think it is all about who is in whose pocketbook.  Who makes the most money wins.  Which is really sad because I truly believe it is NOT all about money.  It is about living a wonderful life in the beautiful county that God gave us.  Are we destroying that gift in the name of profit?  Perhaps, God please help us.

Thanks for listening,

Age 59
Flint, Michigan


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