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July 07, 2005

Vested interest

Mr. President:

I have a vested interest in the war of Iraq. That being someone very close to me and dear to my heart. I was very angry with Mr. Rumsfeld when he made the statement "You go to war with what you have, not with what you want". Has this man ever served in theater anywhere when mortars and IED'S were going off in his face? At no time should our country be left "with what they have" to fight a war. The very security of our great country lies in the defense of our country. Bottom line, if you do not have a very strong military might and the very best of equipment, you are looking at the looming demise of our nation.

At NO time should our brave men and women be sent to war "with what they have". That is totally inexcusable to me. Now I do understand that many Humvees have been updated, but I still do not know why there are not devices that can capture the frequencies that detonates the IEDS. There have been too many of our soldiers killed and maimed because of these horrible bombs.

Surely there is some technology that can be used to stop this way of harming our soldiers. I have e-mailed you before, Mr. President, with no reply, but I know you are very busy with important matters. I want you to know that I am praying for you,our wonderful country and our men and women in uniform wherever they may be. Just please dedicate as much time and money to the support of our defense as you possibly can as all of our lives depend upon it.

Very Respectfully,

Age 50
Gadsen, Alabama


My Boss

Dear President George Bush:

Of all the Presidents in America, I admire you the most. I believe you are a good hearted person protecting our home no matter what it takes to win and keep America free. My husband is retired Air Force of 22 years, and I firmly believe in supporting our Military 100%, because we want our home to stay safe and free at all cost. We were at Sheppard Air Force Base one day when you appeared on TV, and my Husband said, "My Boss!" That is a great feeling to have, and proud to say.

I wished I could meet you in person, and sit and talk with you and your respectable, adorable wife. I believe down deep you are just like me, a lowly person even though you are untouchable to the general public for safety reasons. Last, but no least, I really wish you could serve another term and keep up the good work because I know our Military people are proud to serve because of you Mr. President Bush,and they know you stand behind them!

Thank You,

Age 44
Sauquoit, New York


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