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October 31, 2005

Absolute power

Dear George:

I watched you and listened to you on Friday as you talked to the press and the nation about the indictment and resignation of Mr. Libby. As an American, I want to know WHY he lied to the grand jury and the FBI. It certainly seems to me that he is the sacrificial lamb for those higher up in your administration. Please come out of your ivory tower and tell us the truth. You promised us an administration without liars. It seems to be an impossibility. It must really be true that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

As for the Supreme Court nominee, please do not nominate another crony who cannot demonstrate expertise in constitutional law. That was a disgrace! Are you trying to tell us that there are no qualified women for the job? I doubt that. Get to work. We don't need another speech about national security or the economy. We need for you to clean up the executive branch and to get in touch with the American people. We know more than you think we know.

Age 63
Grundy Center, Iowa


Wild-eyed leftists

Dear George:

The Democrats are absolutely wild-eyed leftists. We may be able to take care of them the next election, ala Tom Dashle, however, it would be nice if the majority of conservatives in this electorate could have a voice. We would like to appoint a conservative Judge or two; we do not believe in marriage for two males or 2 women.

If they choose to live with each other, own property together or whatever, together, but please raise no children. I don't care about abortion. Women should be able to control their own lives. But children should not be encouraged to have sex or babies before they are 18. There are plenty of morning after pills for the promiscuous.

And I don't believe people should be living off of welfare as a way of life. I believe in helping people, but supporting families who refuse to work is not helping them. Most of the protesters that are protesting today are not workers. I am supporting them with my taxes and I am against that. I dare you to print my letter.

A Mature Lady
Fresno, CA


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