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July 06, 2005

On your 59th Birthday - short wishes

Dear George: Tony Blair has taken world flak for you on the Iraq war. Now Mr. Blair needs your support with global warming. Step up, Mr. Bush, and treat a friend like a friend. Support the world-recognized need to decrease global warming, and stand by your true ally, Tony Blair.
  • Betsy, Age 44, Mesa, AZ

Mr. President: Happy Birthday. Keep up the good effort. You are right on track. Bless you for all of your hard work.
  • Caryl, Age 73, California

Dear George: As of late you have received stacks of letters asking you to comment on topics such as the Downing street memo and Karl Rove's outing of a CIA operative! You and your administration have ignored each one! Mr. President, We the people, want an answer!
  • Peter, Age 50, New York

Dear George: I am a direct decedent of John Penn who signed the Declaration of Independence. I Love this country -- it is the hope of the world. I voted for you twice and proud that I did. I know that you will be remembered as a great American and a great President. It is obvious to me that you have a vision (as President Reagan had) for America as the leader of the free world. God Bless you, Mr. President. And God Bless America.
  • Patricia, Age 74, Los Angeles, CA

Dear George: Unfortunately, you won the stupid election. Well, I'll have fun watching our economy hit rock bottom. Hope you do a lot better this time. And do more than just sit on your a$$ this time.
  • Maetchen, Age 12, Cincinnati, OH

Dear George: I can't help wondering if there has ever before you been a man who so well, through his actions, has managed to show the world what the expression "ignorance is bliss" really means? I highly doubt that it has.
  • Christina, Age 30, Norrkoping, Sweden

Dear George: I agree with the war on terror in Iraq. I urge you to turn more over to our military leaders and do whatever it takes to achieve victory now. This country can not survive another Vietnam. God Bless you and these United States.
  • Mal, Age 55, Selma, AL


Birthday wishes

Dear George:

Unlike Marilyn, I don't want to sing happy birthday to you. (I do sing The Battle Hymn of the Republic, The Star Spangled Banner, and many other patriotic songs.) I pray for your soul, too, as only God can save you now. I didn't vote for your father or you. I have seen your spread outside of Crawford, my brother in law lives in Crawford......though not near you, near the cemetery that our family founded. (Bet you don't know where that is.....or the little church beside it.) He was excited when you and your "troops" came into town for breakfast, coffee or whatever, and you personally elbowed him out of your way (long before you became president).

You are too full of your own self importance, Mr. Bush. I choke when I have to call you Mr President. Because of your hot head, lack of self control, you have made many enemies in the world that could and actually would help the USA.

I hold you personally responsible for the lives lost in your war. I am so glad that your term will be over....Hopefully.....there will never be another Bush in the White House, unless it's Barbara (a true lady, or Laura, a gracious woman that supports you.) hopefully, though, it will only be for a visit/invitation from the new First Lady.......and God only know who that might be.)

I will never vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton, even though I did vote for her husband.
President. Clinton may have made some mistakes along the way, but he sure didn't kill our young people in a self serving war.

Whoever is President after you, has a heck of a mess to clean up. I hope you are happy.
It will take years to clean up the mess that the Bush family created. Hopefully, Jesus will come before too many lives are lost over a needless war.

Actually, Mr George DUBBAYAAH Bush, I guess I should actually thank you, for fulfilling Bible Prophecy.
I can't help but ask......When that cloud comes from the sky....no larger than a man's hand.....and the Arch Angel's blow the trumpet.......the dead rise from the grave, and the righteous lift up their arms to meet Him in the air...Are you, Mr. Bush, going to lift you arms to Jesus, or cry for the rocks to fall on you?

I am not the Judge........Thankfully only God is......but if you make it to Heaven, and if I do as well........I sure have a lot of questions for you.

Age 49


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