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June 08, 2005

See through you

Dear George:

Suffering from spinal cord damage the embryonic stem cell issue is important to me, but like the self-righteous idiot you are you propose to block it.

You talk about the value and sacredness of life, but you accept bribes ...er contributions from the coal burning electrical industries and then cut regulations so that they can continue to pump mercury out that will wind up in all our systems. The mnost vunerable being unborn children. Funny, you are so against abotion, but you don't mind poisioning them. You ass.

It's nice to see by many of the comments on this page that so many people do see through you. And I have no doubt that you will go down as one of the worst we've ever had. I just hope that it will eventially land you where you need to be ..prison.

Age 43
Chattanooga, TN



Dear Mr.President: (As I will continue to address him; with the proper respect his position deserves.)

I have just finished reading various letters, and I must admitt, this country has become the biggest bunch of babies, good grief.Is there anything, absolutely anything, someone isn't gripping about? Then again, thats what they get for giving idiots freedom of speech. While I understand its our right to complain, sometimes you just have to put on your big kid pull-ups, and get over it.

While I have my share of complaints, I also take into consideration that I probably only know half of the story. I rest assured at night, knowing that a man of decent values is tending to matters I should never have to know about. I will gladly leave my future in the hands of a Harvard graduate, rather than Dixie Chicks wannabes who wouldn't know an Ivy League school if it slapped them in the face.

To those complaining about his avoidence of questions.. HELLO, IT'S POLITICS!! I have yet to see a politician who answered a question directly. Kerry squirmed around with his questions, like a little girl in a boring movie. So.. HUSH..

I pray that someday we will be the great nation our forefathers dreamed. I sincerely hope that you all find peace, and the strength to set differences aside.

Age 20
St. Louis, MO


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