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October 17, 2005

99 out of 100

Mr. President:

I don't know if you will ever read this letter but I have to get it off my chest. I am so sick of hearing about the Mexicans complaining of how the American people are treating them. They come to our country ilegally and they want to be treated with silk gloves and give them all they ask for. They are so disrespectful. They come to our country(and I am saying about 99 out of 100) to steal, use and sell drugs and get involved in gangs. They have already taken over Los Angeles, Part of Florida, New York, New Jersey and everywhere they go. Here in Alabama we hardly saw a Hispanic. Even though Puerto Ricans are Hispanic, they are U.S. citizens.

Alabama has been invaded by ilegal aliens; mostly Mexicans and you can tell what they are by the clothes, mannerism, speech and actions. You can also see the bandanas they wear on their heads or sticking out of their rear pockets. Now they have huge demonstrations demanding equality, demanding that the California Governor be ousted. They continue to criticize you and the American people. How much more are we going to take? Why can't the police clean up all this trash? I don't know how much we can take until we start doing something ourselves.

Today I happened to listen to the Spanish television station Telemundo. The talk show Rocio was on and they were critizicing the U.S. again due to the American people being rude, mean, hateful, racist and everything else. The Mexican people still insist they have the right to enter this country and do what ever they want here. We are constantly seeing more gangs, robberies, drugs, and everything else being brought in by these illegal aliens. On this talk show today, one of their guests called President George W. Bush a traitor, however, he's working in the U.S. and making American dollars just like the show hostess. I emailed them a piece of my mind.

I voted for both Bushs, father and son. Now I am beginning to regret having voted for George W for a second time. On the news today he stated: "I know you are concerned about the gas prices, so am I". He has nothing to worry about gas, since his vehicles get the gas from the government and he' s not paying for it. Besides, he has money and can afford it. As of next week, I won't be able to go anywhere since I can't continue paying these outrageous gas prices. This is ridiculous. We spend billions in sending ships and people to space, helping other countries, feeding other countries and yet, our own children are starving, living on the streets, and now the gas situations. How much more are we to support?




Dear George:

You won't be satisfied until every state in the nation is like Mexifornia.....overrun with illegal aliens that the taxpaying citizens must support.

Let's see now......what are some of your accomplishments as President....... Overcrowded schools where most of the kids don't speak or understand English, Third World diseases like multi-drug resistant TB and leprosy, being brought into this country by illegals, Middle Eastern terrorists (or OTM's, other than Mexicans"), being smuggled across the Mexican border by coyotes, who get paid 35K per head to smuggle them in, hospitals closing left and right because they are being bankrupted by illegals, American carpenters, construction workers, engineers, losing their jobs to foreigners, most of whom aren't even in this country legally.......oh, yeah, and I forgot.....we're in that "war on terror" you like to talk about so much.

Oh, and I forgot one more thing, for the first time in the history of our nation, citizens have to do the job the government, won't do...i.e. protect our borders. I have a 73 year old friend and he's retired military. He uses oxygen for his pulmonary disease, but he and his wife spent two weeks on the border, on their own time and money, to try to stem the flow of your "amigos", Jorge. Doesn't that make you proud as spiked punch?

For the life of me, I don't understand how you sleep at night. But then..........I guess booze does have its advantages.

Age 53
Altamonte Springs, FL


Homeless for seven years

Dear George:

My name is DeLorez, I've been homeless for more than seven years. I have three (3) children , I work and live in my car. I've tried the so-called shelters. We've been abused, personal property stolen, contracted scabies etc. The VA will not help me?

I've tried every organization out there. They pass along, don't help her, she will report, the wrongful things ie; children smoking at the LA Family housing shelter, Adults, drinking beer and smoking marijuana, at the Voyager Inn hotel.

No one will rent to me because I have too many children? I can't continue to live like this. I got on Cal-works, thinking it would help. I was informed there is no more emergency section-8.

My first grader is not in school, because a male, teacher's aide, pulled her arm, shoved her head on the desk and pulled her hair, all under the watchful eye of her teacher?

I wanted the aide, arrested, nothing was done, with the exception, I was banned from the school?

Los Angeles


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