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March 23, 2005

The political animal is you

Dear George:

The political animal is you. Erring on the side of life??? Not once in your tenure as Gov. of Texas did you put pen to paper and commute a death sentence, and now you can't hide behind the “rule of law” as you did then. You stated that these people had been tried, convicted and sentenced in the courts, under the “rule of law.” The Schiavo case has been litigated over and over under the “rule of law”, but I guess when you don't like the answer you can now pick and choose when and where you accept the “rule of law.”

I thnk you are not only a hypocrite but the worst kind of opportunist, using the Schiavo case to pay a due bill to the Christian Right for their support and holding yourself out as a moral leader, sickening. I was depressed for weeks after your election as I knew that your so called leadership would divide this country even more as time went on. You and you ilk have not disappointed. From now on when you pray, ask your God to forgive your arrogance, lack of insight and mostly playing the-always-dirty-game-of-political-poker with the lives of the American citizenry.

Age 55
Syracuse NY

Oh by the way -- tell Tom Delay that his involvement in the ethics of anything is like (excuse my language) “pissing in the wind” the blow back is nasty.


I don't believe him

Dear George:

Please intercede on behalf of Terri Schaivo. Please make them return her feeding and hydration tubes.

Let her parents take over guardianship of Terri. Why does her husband want her killed? He claims that she wouldn't want to live like this. I don't believe him.

Thank you, Mr. President, I hope you do something before its too late.

Yours truly,

Age 73
Baldwin, New York


Is my son not as important?

Dear George:

I am wondering if you will call a special government meeting to get my son the health care he needs, he is epileptic AND has cancer but can nor get any financial help for his medical bills, he is totally disabled and dependent on others for his existence. I doubt that you give a shit but for Terri Schavo you could do so much. Even two plane trips from Texas to Washington on same day.

Keep your nose out of personal family business for one or help everyone. Is my son not as important as Terri?

You can go to Iraq and kill thousands of our young men and innocent Iraqis and that is ok. Now you want to cut Medicaid for the poor. YOU HYPOCRITE. I HOPE YOU GET YOUR PAYBACK ONE DAY AND YOU WILL. My son can not afford his medication so he goes with out and has numerous seizures as a result. How can you live with yourself? You stick up for the drug companies and the rich as you always have. Have you personally purchased and medication? NO, THE GOVERNMENT PAYS FOR YOURS AND ALL YOUR FAMILYS.


Age 72


Why don't you protect her?

Mr. President and Mr. Vice President,

I stood in the face of my liberal fellow statesman and fought for you. I alienated friends and family and fought for you. I might not agree with all things you stand for, but at least I thought you took seriously the duty of protecting the American People.

Now I question my decision.

Terri Shiavo is an AMERICAN. Why don't you protect her? You allow crazy judges to stick their middle finger up at you and go on their own Hitler-like “only let the perfect bodied live” path... taking the life of a much-loved woman with them. Why do you allow her husband to go on his rampage? Why do you ignore the pleas of her family? Why do you allow this so-called husband to abuse his wife like this? You come to the aid of an abandoned dog more than you do this woman. You claim to be in the fight against terror--what about the terror this family and Ms. Schiavo herself are going through?

I have been diagnosed with MCTD as well as extensive heart problems. Should I be afraid that my government will “put me to sleep” as it is murdering Ms. Schiavo? A painless death isn't even good enough for her (but it's good enough for those sentenced to the death penalty)--you support her being starved to death. You say you fight for the rights of humans. But you ignore this. I am so deeply disappointed in my Republican Party. If this party wants to keep me and those like me, it should fight for what they say they hold so dear--life. If they continue to stand with blinders and gags on, I will abandon this party as it has me, and I will apologize to those I alienated in my fight for you. The Republican Party has pretended to be something it's NOT, and that's worse than the most liberal Democrat who at least is honest about his agenda.

Feeling Ms. Schiavo's pain all the way in California,

Age 37
Tehachapi, CA


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