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July 20, 2006

A heartless way

Mr. President,

The disgust I feel for your veto of Stem Cell research is beyond any way of expressing. To say that you are the worst president ever is so mild. Perhaps it comes clear when you think of that little strutting man who wants to be remembered at all costs. Removing hope for thousands of people suffering from a terrible illness is a heartless way of doing so.

Never fear that you will not be remembered, not only as a bad president, but a thoroughly incompetent occupant of the White House. A person that has defiled the office of the presidency.

Grant Perkins
Age 82
Captain Cook, Hawaii



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  • At 2:53 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I toatly agree with this person.Why can't the USA see what is going on wth our president?He could be a great president if would consider the way other people are being treateb by him.As much as people say this country is free I disagree!If this country "WAS" free then why does the USA have to fight to make other countries do as he say's when he say'he say's.Ithink America would be a much better place if the President would keep peace and not have war anymore!!
    Ashley Mawk
    Age 14

  • At 11:35 PM, Blogger snowtrooperwesty said…

    Although the grammer was poor, I understood the point, and agree with your comment. Our country is no longer a free country, nor a democracy.

    I was watching Bowling for Columbine the other day, and although the movie is extremely biased, it speaks a lot of truth and these truths well, most of which i can agree with.

    I also agree with the post, and to add to that I believe bush has been a disgrace to our country, and why he was re-elected will forever be a mystery. It was most likely due the money he and his corporation owns, and the corruptness of this countries current government.

    Wesley Alonzo
    Age 15
    Fort Collins, Colorado


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