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February 21, 2006

US Port Security and Transfer to Dubai Ports World of the United Arab Emirates

Editors note: In the two and a half years this site has been running, I don't believe there has been a single political issue around which the response through letters has been so one-sided, and so immediate. This web site has not recieved one letter in support of the transfer of six US ports to control by Dubai Ports World. As such, instead of our traditional format of running two letters on opposite sides of an issue, we will run a selection of letters representative of the letters that have been recieved through this website.

- Marcus Woollen, Editor

(Full Disclosure - Mr. Woollen lives two blocks from the New York Passenger Ship Terminal in midtown Manhattan, one of the ports affected by the proposed deal)


Dear George:

Please consider the fact that I too love the United States of America and that after Bin Laden declared war on the United States in the early 1990’s I also laughed. But all know what then occurred when the radical Islamists became patient enough, or so it appears, to hurt our great country. I’m no expert, but I believe they got their education here and abroad acting as normal people with Arabic ties.

By selling portions of U.S. ports to the United Arab Emirates, the U.S. would easily be infiltrated by such. (Friendly Arabs, working at the U.S. ports, and then changing their demeanor as hate mongers willing to kill the U.S.) The risk is too great! At least now. Don’t allow sales of such to the U.A.E.

Age 45


Honorable President Bush:

I am totally opposed to selling any US ports to Dubai or any other Muslim country. Saudi Arabia is supposed to be our ally and they destroy Bibles that enter their country and persecute anyone who converts to Christianity. Last year there were 160,000 Christians murdered by Muslims simply because they were Christians in predominantly Muslim countries such as Indonesia, Pakistan, Egypt, etc. Muslims are only loyal to Muslims and I do not trust them as history as shown. Muslims even in the US military in Kuwait murdered soldiers in their own platoon. The book of the Koran justifies destroying any “infidel” which is a non-Muslim. Do not sell any port to any Muslim country!

Age 50
St. Petersburg, FL


Dear George:

I voted for you to be my president both times. I have been agreement with most of your decisions and directions for my country. However, recently you have not been acting very presidential. I can’t believe that you would be involved in making a deal that would allow the United Arab Emirates to take over the ownership and control of any of our Ports, let alone our most important ones. Where is your head Sir? These Arabs are Muslims. If you think that this war that we are involved in is just a war against alkaida, you are not as smart as you would like to make those of us who have supported and defended you, think you are. This is a religious war! Please understand this and make no mistake about it. Look to history Sir. Any nation that makes alliances with enemies is doomed to destruction.

Age 68
Tillamook, OR


Dear George:

I strongly oppose any foreign government owning or controlling our shipping ports. Please stop this action now!

Thank you.

P.S. I voted for you in both elections although I am independent

Age 68
Jackson, TN


Dear George:

Please tell us that you can stop the Middle Eastern Company from even using our ports, give them back the money they paid please.

Age 74
Boise, ID

Dear George:

Please let up on the stupid pills. Put the UAE in charge of our ports?

George, you just don’t go far enough. How about giving them a few nuclear (oops, sorry; nucular) missiles? Or is it easier to just fire a few at our own cities, so they don’t have to go to the trouble?
Your friend,

An Amurrican

Age 73
New York, NY


Dear George:

How can you let the sale of are ports in the U.S. continue. I voted for you and stand up for you but I feel like a fool. Our ports should not be owned by people who we have any problems with. They may or may not harm us but why make American people feel like we are not protected. The stress of that alone is doing harm to your own people. Your a smart man please do not allow this to happen, it is not too late please make us feel secure.

Thank You,

Age 36


Dear George:

You are making a huge mistake if you allow our ports to be controlled by Mid-east connected countries.


Age 73
Grand Island, NY


Dear George:

I am a Republican that voted for you in the last two elections. I do think we made a mistake in going into Iraq, but like a lot of other Americans I think we are stuck in this mess, and somehow or other have to find an honorable way out of it.

I am particularly disenchanted with Michael Chertoff. It should be apparent to you that this man is not a leader. The mess in New Orleans was his responsibility, and he blew it big time. You appointed him to this post, and he has the responsibility and the horses to make it work, but he is not a competent man. Face the reality and get rid of him, what are we going to do if we face a major problem such as a nuke attack.

I am also very upset with the situation of turning over the port security on six of our major ports to an Islamic country, this is sheer madness, please cancel this deal.

Age 69


President Bush

Do not allow this contract to go through...re: the ports.

You will never go down in history as a good president..if this goes through..new yorkers,,,are very very upset about this.. this will be a blow for the republicans..

Age 59
New York


Dear George:

I continue to pray for you daily. May God grant you wisdom and a clear vision, including those who advise you. Your job is a vast and complex one.
My concerns are about our security in the USA and protecting the land God gave the Israelites. We the people need to have protection concerning our ports, borders and finances. I can't believe anyone would consider allowing an Arab nation to have any control in these areas. No matter what our seeming relationship is with them they cannot be trusted. We need to be in control of all of these things and seek to end any dependence on foreign oil, investments in our economy, and the rights of illegals over our own citizens. Thank you for your considerations. God bless you

Age 59
Columbia Heights, Minnesota



Please do not use comments for personal attacks. One of the goals of this project is to allow these open letters to foster civil (and civic) debate, so please keep personal attacks to yourselves, even if you disagree with the letter/comments here. Better yet, write a letter yourself.

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