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November 08, 2004

We are Blue, you are Red

Dear George:

I know you will never read this, you're too busy "workin' hard" on your "hard work" this is really to others that will at least take the time to read these letters.

George is a moral idiot - and so is ANYONE who opposes abortion and supports war. You know, there aren't ANY hypocrits in Heaven. A killing is a killing. A human life is a human life. You can't change physics/biology. George doesn't have the intellectual capacity to have any kind of insight into his hypocracy, into his crimes against humanity.

There are no longer "democatic" and "republican" parties, there are only "Coastal" and "Inland". We are Blue, you are Red. Red is not a compliment.

The man who suggested cecession is really on to something - I'd rather fight for my own freedom than send the young men of America to secure Halburton's next profit center. I'd rather be shot at by Ohioans than spill one drop of American blood on the sands of a hopeless and harmful cause. The worst weapon of mass destruction in the world right now is George's attitude.

Age 58


I'm proud of my vote

Dear George:

Congratulations on winning the election! 51% pecent of the country are looking forward to four more years, and that includes me! I'm one of the 95,000 conservatives in NYC that voted for you and your policies and I'm proud of my vote.

I think the Democrats time would be better spent on finding their message, and cultivating grassroots support. Not just attacking the administration and saying 60m people must be dumb.

It seems to me, in NYC at least, that saying the word Jesus is akin to saying the word Beelzebub. I'm not sure how this happened but being religious does not have to mean you're part of some evil cult.

I wish you all the luck in your next four years, and I hope our Democratic friends will do the same.

Regards from a non-religious Catholic,

Age 35
New York, NY


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