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August 30, 2004

Spit in both of your pompous faces

Dear George:

I am a college student, and I’ve heard many people wonder why my generation seems to lack interest in voting and exercising the rights that so many have died to defend. I think that my generation simply knows that no matter who we vote for in 2004, the President will always carry the elite close to his heart. That’s just the way politics are in the modern world. Disgusted and sickened I hear how much money both candidates are pouring into campaigning. You and Kerry claim to have the best interests of the nation at heart while squandering hundreds of millions on simplistic propaganda. I know that the need for money lead you to utter the infamous words, “Some people call you the elite. I call you my base.” Whenever I consider voting for you, I remember those words falling from your lips.

Just remember Mr. Bush that the elite’s base is built on the broken backs of poor and middle class Americans. They cut jobs and send them overseas to increase their profit without caring what happens to the workers affected. Then again, perhaps I’m being too kind in attributing your affiliations merely as lip service to pull in a few more million. You certainly don’t show care and concern for the average American. Your outrageous spending and wasteful war has ensured my generation will carry the bill for you folly for many years while your base got a tax break. Your economic policy clearly favors corporations while trashing the environment. I’m not even going to mention the contracting favors in Iraq or how your supporting base rarely sends their children to fight and die in your war. Continue to cater and suck up to rich friends Mr. Bush in our nation’s wonderful tradition of political honesty. After all, Kerry’s background and his billionaire wife hardly leave me hoping for relief from that direction. To be honest, I think I’ll vote for Nader just to spit in both of your pompous faces.

Sincerely disillusioned,

Age 19
Dudley, NC


It's my money and I'm keeping it

Dear George:

Thanks for letting me keep more of MY money. Your tax plan was brilliant, a real stroke for me. Keep pushing for BIGGER tax breaks! I’m making so much money now it’s unreal and I want to express my thanks, no money, just thanks !!

You see, It’s MY money and I’m keeping it. Besides with all the corporate backing our party has you don’t need it to win. If this Iraq conflict stays hot another year, I can move to the Cayman Islands with all the money You have let me keep ( with the help of a good lawyer, of course)

When Dick came on board as your VP, I knew he would make sure you didn’t screw things up till you saw the light. I put all my money on Halliburton and EXXON because I knew if there was a way, we were going to go after Saddam and that would mean BIG money to the shrewd investor.


Age 61
Seymour, Texas


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