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October 25, 2005

Not very old

Dear George:

I’m not a very old person, only 17. Everybody is always badmouthing you like you’ve done something wrong. Personally I think that you’ve done exactly what you could in the situations that were given to you.

I don’t pay much attention to politics because half the time they bore me but next semester I plan on changing may major to political science. If I make it as far as president which I doubt I will. I can only hope to do half as good a job as you. I don’t expect to get a reply from you directly, but maybe I will actually get one to you one day and not just some clerk or something whose main job is to answer these types of emails.

Thanks for taking the time to get somebody to answer this.

Thank you. Good job.

Age 19
McHenry, Mississippi


Older and sadder

Dear George:

I am older than many of folks who write to you ... and sadder.

Our country has fallen low since our glory days under much better Presidents, Republican and Democrat.

Under your authority we have lost our moral leadership and mortgaged the future of our grandchildren and great grandchildren. The rest of the world has learned this as they have witnessed your arrogance and self-centered ignorance. You would have us revert to the Dark Ages where fear and ignorance rule our daily lives.

You and your administration have taken cowardly cover behind Christian precepts to justify your actions. There are still those here in the Reddest State, Utah, who consider you ‘A Man of God’. But their numbers are shrinking every day.

Ultimate judgment will come from a higher authority ... call it History or call it God. You WILL be judged and you WILL be found wanting!

If you do, indeed, have a personal audience with him, you’d better pray to God to save your immortal soul. You WILL be judged one of the great sinners of history.

D. Edwin
Age 68
Salt Lake City, UT


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