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September 08, 2005

Trent Lott's backyard

Dear George:

Mr. Macho President, don’t be concerned about the shoot to kill order that was given to our National Guard, not that you are or were. I mean after all, these people are not paying for that water and food they are stealing.

And you keep going down there to let us know how concerned you are. That makes us all feel so much better even though there are still people being rescued more than a week after the disaster. Are you just hoping that Trent Lott will have his house rebuilt soon so you can have barbeque in the backyard?

To say you are the most clueless and dumbest president we have ever had would be a gross understatement. I am very sad and embarrassed at your behavior and the state of our nation in the world today.

Reed in Michigan
Age 65


Sign them up

Dear George:

First off I want to say I think you are doing a wonderful job. No president has gone through a 9/11 and a national disaster of Katrina. My hat is off to you. You’re a wonderful man.

I would just like to comment on all the homeless people from this hurricane. I think you should have military recruiters going to all the shelters where these people are staying and sign them up. They need to start their lives over and have nothing now. They may want to join our armed forces. It is just an idea and I think it is a good one.

Age 37
Fond du Lac, Wisconsin


Get them out of there

Dear George:

How can I sit here and watch the news with my seven year old girl and see nothing being done to help out the people in New Orleans? How can I tell her that isn’t Ethiopia, it’s America. Yes, America, watching daily the children, elderly, sick, hungry, hurt people wait on help. If Texas can open the Astrodome for them, why can’t Fort Wayne open the Coliseum, and Indy their stadiums for these fellow Americans who have no job, no car, no home, no food, no toilet paper for goodness sake. Women sitting bouncing their babies while they watch their child starve to death. What is the matter with the other states opening their hearts to help people. What if your daughters were stuck their with your grandchildren suffering day and night? Please help these people, let them stay in hotels, stadiums, etc. Get them out of there.

Age 33
Fort Wayne, IN


Not dwell on the past

Dear George:

I usually keep my opinions to myself but at this time, I can not help but speak my mind. I was watching the news this morning, as I do every morning. This morning on the NBC Today show, Hillary Clinton was being interviewed. She is claiming that ‘we’ need to investigate the reasons why help was not brought to the people of New Orleans and Mississippi quickly enough. The thing I agree with is that this has been a horrific event in our nation’s history, a terrible natural disaster. I can not help but cry and pray for those people touched by this disaster.

But when Hillary, and others, speak of gathering a committee to find out why all of this has happened, it burns me up. If the people allow this to happen, it just shows ignorance and stupidity. Instead of her and others spending any of their energy standing there and asking why, they should, we all should, be using every ounce of our energy helping these people get shelter, food, medical and emotional support. The money that would be spent investigating why things happen is a total and outright waste, whether it is done now or later. It is going to take a lot of time (years) and a lot of our countries resources to rebuild lives for all of these individuals who have lost everything they had.

Shouldn’t we all be focusing on that and not what should have been? If anything, we have already heard of scams being started where monies are being taken from good hearted people trying to help by donating whatever they can, and it being lost to thieves. If Hillary and others want to help out and they feel that running investigations is a way to do so, then this is what they should do. They should make sure that every organization out there claiming to be gathering money for this disaster is legitimate. And that every cent of the donations received goes to these people and the communities and nothing else. It would be absolutely sinful if any of this support is being spent in any other way than helping these states and people rebuild their lives.

As I have already said, it is in the best interest of everyone to use all of our energy to help not to lay blame. To assure that every one has food, medicine, housing, and jobs. This should be our country’s only objective. Then when we have put all of these people’s lives back together as best we possibly can, then we can make plans to see that we are better prepared for this and other disasters that may occur. Always look to the future; not dwell on the past. Stop wasting the peoples’ money, energy, and time.

Age 40
Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania


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