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July 14, 2004

You have this Democrat's vote

Dear George:

It feels funny to call you “George,” but that is the built in salutation. I guess nearly 25 years in the Air Force has made me properly respectful of the Office of the Presidency. You've been taking quite a lot of heat, Mr. President, and you're still in the kitchen. I've been a registered Democrat most of my life, even voted for Bill Clinton's 2nd term. Then, I saw our loss of credibility militarily, and our dangerous compromises with China, all facilitated by his administration. I'm not a Republican, yet, but I voted for you. You're not perfect, but you have not disappointed me. Prosecuting the war on terror into Iraq makes sense. Even more now that the unethical reasons behind France's, Germany's, and Russia's opposition has been revealed.

You have this Democrat's vote in November. I know that a Reserve pilot has to earn his wings in exactly the same manner as an active duty one. This retired Senior Master Sergeant salutes the lieutenant you were and the President you've become. I have no doubt that had you been ordered to Tahn San Nut, you'd have gone. Thank you for serving.

God's speed, Sir.

Age 53
Lompoc, CA


I voted for you in 2000

Dear Mr. President,

I have been a registered Republican since 1980, and have voted for the Republican presidential candidate in every election since then.

I served in the military for over 10 years, with Mr. Reagan and your father as my Commanders-in-Chief.

I voted for you in 2000. After you defeated Mr. Gore, I was ecstatic! Finally, someone I could believe in after 8 long years under the worst example of a president this country has ever known!

I trusted you in your decision to go to war in Iraq based on the intelligence that Saddam Hussein was building an arsenal of WMD's. You were wrong, and now over a thousand of our finest have died in a campaign for no apparent reason. You have abused your prerogative as president to order troops into harm's way to satisfy some need you have for vengeance. Sure, Saddam is an evil man. But there are many evil dictators in the world, yet you seem fixated on eliminating just one of them.

Personally, I would prefer that a madman in North Korea not have nuclear weapons. Are you going to stop him by sending in troops? If you really intend to promote world peace, going to war in North Korea to stop nuclear proliferation would be more effective.

You also seem to be spearheading the efforts to move as many jobs out of the United States as possible. You're certainly not doing anything to stop the flow of jobs overseas.

Shame on you!

How in the world will a majority of Americans be able to become prosperous without jobs? How short sighted of you! Who do you think will purchase all of the “cheaper” goods and services if people HERE don't have decent jobs?

And I am truly disgusted with your policy of open borders. Why bother having a Department of Homeland Security if anyone can come through the border and be granted amnesty, or worse, retroactive citizenship?

I'm sure that since you have Air Force One that you haven't been through a regular airport lately. But I have. And being treated like a potential terrorist after spending 2 years of my life UNDER WATER in defense of this country infuriates me, especially when I know that you don't care who comes across our borders, as long as it brings cheap labor. Is that your idea of Homeland Security? Making it more difficult for citizens who have proved their loyalty to their country, while letting God knows who sneak their way into the U.S.?

Mr. President, I'm not sure who the best leader of our country would be. But after 4 years in office, I don't believe that person is you. And I will vote accordingly.


Age 43
San Luis Obispo, CA


I wouldn't have picked you

Dear George:

I have never been an overly “political” person, I didn't come from a very political family. I served our great country in the U.S. Navy out of respect and out of the love I have for our great country. I actually registered to vote for the first time in my life 2 years ago! I wouldn't have picked you to be our president, nor would I have thought you could lead us to where we are today.

My blood isn't red, it's RED, WHITE, and BLUE! Our forefathers busted their hind ends to make this country, to build from nothing, to give freedom to those not only living here, but those that stretched a needy hand toward our shores. Our forefathers saw “what could be”, and each and every one of them strived, fought, bled, and died to achieve that goal.

I don't condone the killing of innocents, but at the same time....we CANNOT and will NOT condone the inhumane, animalistic, barbarian acts that a few crazy, idealistic fanatics have done against our people. By our people I mean, all those that believe in freedom! To me, it is not a question of white, black, Hispanic, Muslim, Catholic, Baptist.....it's a question of humanity.

I have never in my life, and hopefully never again, experienced the pain, sadness, and complete inability to change anything, as I did watching the horrific acts created on 9/11. I was hurt, scared, sad, and pissed all in the same breath. But, unlike some...you rose to the challenge, the challenge of bringing your country to its feet and off its knees in the tragedy that unfolded right before our country's eyes. I listened with hopeful heart, for the fight, the guts, the anger, and the will to continue what our forefathers started. You didn't disappoint me. You challenged those cowards to come forward and face the consequences of their actions, you challenged their countries, cities, and towns to hand over their fanatics...and when they didn't comply...you acted. When you back a injured dog into a corner.....prepare for the fight of your life.

I do have one complaint though...I thank GOD every day for our country, for our rights, and for our freedom....yes, I said God. The foundation that our forefathers built this nation around. You know, the one that can't be spoken in schools, or on our currency. The one that protected us through it all. What happened to that freedom? If an American can choose NOT to practice a religion, then WHY can't that same American choose TO practice a religion? All Americans should have the choice...without worrying about being shot in school, have their church burned down, without fear of what others will think or do.

For the first time in my life, I will vote this year....I'm a little nervous....but I know that the right man will be chosen, a man that can lead us to victory over terrorism, a man that can embrace a nation as his own long lost child, a man that can stand up and fight for what he believes in...

Age 35
Versailles, KY


I changed from being a Democrat to a Republican

Dear George:

I voted for President Clinton the first time. Needless to say, I changed from being a Democrat to a Republican after all the scandals and issues related to the Democratic party. Sure I was young, but even I couldn't help notice how morally decrepit the democrats were becoming.

I now feel so much disgust over the democratic issues, such as abortion, and gays and lesbianism. We all know it's wrong to kill people. Aren't there millions of people on death row for that? Aren't women being convicted of killing their children? Yet I guess some judges think it's ok for a mom to kill her child, just because it's not quite yet born. How can that be justified. That is purely evil.

Yeah I'm anxious to see what John Kerry has to say about the gay marriage issue. Maybe he knows it's wrong. I don't hate the gay community. Love is good for all of us. But homosexuals are not natural. It's plain wrong. Don't try to pretend it's ok, like the liberals, and most of the celebs. Most of whom turn go by the “if it feels good, do it,” motto. President Bush you're right on. Great job! He fighting for the morals of the United States of America.

People may be upset about all the innocent people getting hurt with the war in Iraq, but what about all of the fatherless children and widows, from the terrorist attacks here? I'm proud to be an American. I'm proud to do what's right, and vote for you, Mr. President.

Age 29
Yuma, AZ


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