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June 18, 2004

Your burden is great

Dear George:

I'm quite sure this site wasn’t designed for this kind of letter, but I wanted to express my gratitude for your kind and encouraging words in the pit after September 11th. I had the honor of working there while you were speaking and found your words to be inspirational. Being a firefighter wasn't easy that day and while that has not been disputed - I can imagine that being the President wasn't easy either.

I pray that during these times of strife you will do what you think is best in the interests of the country, I know your burden is great.

Queens, NY
age: 36


I love our country

Dear George:

I love our country, the openness of the people, the varied beauty of the land and the ideals and freedoms which our forebears gave. Right now I am saddened, unhappy to learn that young men and women in our military tortured prisoners in a country we shouldn't have invaded to fight a war we can't win to "liberate" a people who it appears want nothing to do with us. I long for you to lead by example, care about the environment, nurture government programs to educate children, protect older Americans and feed the hungry. Stop thinking the US must be the world's policeman. What about being an older brother, a caring aunt or adoring grandparent to struggling third world countries? They could be helped so much with just the amount of money wasted by you and other politicians through a government which is too large and too complicated. Our country is paralyzed bureaucracy.

It should be evident that four more years with you at the helm will take our beloved homeland further down the path of "what's in it for me" politicians, those whose egos must be stroked even if it means the slaughter of the young men and women of our military in places we just don't belong. Bring them home, W. and set things in this country right. Restore the respect the world has lost for the USA by creating a government whose purpose it to improve our country and nurture its citizens and help a floundering world. Take a good look at millions dying in Africa from AIDS and famine. Open your eyes to the horrors of slavery, child prostitution and the rape of the rain forests of Central and South America. See the dispair of people in our own country who have become so trapped in unemployment, drug and alcohol abuse and poverty that they can see no way out. I'm so sickened by the news morning, it just isn't a comfort any more to say, "Ah, well I didn't vote for him!"

Age 54
Frankfort, KY


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