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June 10, 2005

You really piss liberals off

Dear George:

Do not be dismayed by uneducated or perhaps liberally educated people who say things like "in a vain attempt to distract attention from the genocide you are conducting in Iraq and the vicious fallout from that"

Never mind the fact that one way or another your decisions have helped lead to the freedom of 25 million people in Afghanistan, 26 million people in Iraq, and quite possibly nearly 4 million people in Lebanon as well as potentially many nations in the future.

Never mind the fact that your tough stance against known terrorist supporting nations has not only convinced Pakistan to drop dealings with terrorist organizations, but it has apparently convinced Libya to turn over their nukes.

Never mind the fact that Clinton looked the other way while actual genocide took place with the deaths of millions in Rwanda.

Never mind the fact that Muslims have been terrorizing and attacking Americans and the United States since the days of President Jimmy Carter, who in fact had the Iranian government overthrown in exchange for the extremist fundamentalist Islamic Ayatollah (who has always hated us) and which are the same sect of people who are trying to take over Iraq today through terrorist actions.

Never mind the fact that Saddam ranked right up there with Hitler and Stalin by the fact that he killed hundreds of thousands of his own people with chemical warfare and mass graves.

Beyond all of that. We just love you... if nothing other than because you really piss liberals off.

Age 32


People are waking up

Dear George:

So, it seems you fooled everyone with your phoney accent, your Texas 'ranch', and your constant talk of your 'faith'. It seems that those people who support you (especially your fellow 'Texans) have forgotten that you are not a simple 'man of the people'. It seems you forget to mention how your family isn't middle-class...it's extremely upper-class. You were not born in Texas, you were born in Connecticut...and your 'ranch' is just one of several homes you own. You attended the very best schools and have never had to work a single day in your life. Yet, your supporters seem to think you are 'just like them'. And of course, you've let them think that.

A very large part of our citizens supported you, not knowing how self-destructive a decision that was. By constantly shouting about abortion, gay marriage and terrorism you managed to slip by them the fact that you have granted huge tax breaks to the rich thereby dumping this historically large deficit on the backs of the not so rich. By wrapping yourself in the flag to defend your illegal war, you managed to sneak cuts into the budget that affect the very troops who are fighting in this war...cuts that include inadequate armor and protective devices, low death payouts, even decreased health care dollars. If they manage to avoid a land mine in their shabby Humvees and survive this war, they will come home to find their hospitals have been shut down and their benefits have been cut. If they die fighting your war, their families will feel the sting not just in their hearts but in their pocketbooks as well. And still, your supporters call ME UnPatriotic for not supporting your war...amazing, isn't it?

Now your new budget has just been unveiled...seems my child's education money isn't as important as ensuring Paris Hilton's inheritance isn't taxed when the time comes. The cost of my son's medicine every month just went up from $20 to $50 yet the drug companies just pulled in record profits. The cost of filling my gas tank so my husband can go to work everyday also doubled...yet the oil companies are drowning in cash.

But, I have hope. Several reports as of late have revealed that the people are waking up and looking around at what has happened since they went into the Patriotic coma. They don't support your war anymore, George. They are having a hard time supporting you. They are tired of not having any answers to their questions and oh boy, were they pissed when you got involved in that whole Terri Shiavo thing!! They've opened their eyes, George...and they have realized that the emperor isn't wearing any clothes!! Now if they can just get over the shock of you duping them, then maybe they can admit to themselves what a mistake it was to support you and we can move on and try to fix this mess you've gotten us into. *On a side note: to all the people who voted for Bush...it's ok...lots of people were fooled...just find someone who didn't support him (which was about 49% of the country so it shouldn't be hard) and allow them to comfort you and welcome you back to the real world.*

And don't worry, George...when this is all over, you can go back to your 'ranch' and relax (like you've been doing for most of your presidency) and just thank God it's over. I know I'll be doing the same thing.

Age 29
Tuscaloosa, AL


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