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July 08, 2005

Go for them all

Dear George:

I voted for you and after what happened yesterday I want you to after those Islam assholes! All of them. Oh-Gee I feel so bad for them!! The liberal LA times has a piece on “In Britain, Muslims Worry about a delicate balance.” F them all.

Go get them George -- I mean Mr. President. You don’t take any shit from anyone-no one from Texas does-Go for them All. You should kick all of them out of the US. I am sick of hearing their “horror stories” I would have done the same thing as that woman got court martialed for. Those bastards deserve anything that you and your underlings can throw at them. Do it!! PLEASE.

Tony Blair is a wimp-You, Regan and L. Johnson are the only one that had any balls! (Excuse my language as I am not white trailer park trash) I am a medical professional. But I am really pissed that people criticize you. YOU’RE THE MAN!

Age 46
Altadena, California


I won't feel safe

Dear George:

I live in London but I’m in the USA for my summer holidays. As a child I feel disgusted that I won't feel safe when I return to back to my home. I’m not saying this is entirely your fault but somewhere in me is saying that because you have somehow joined with Tony Blair this has happened to us.

I am only eleven going on twelve and feel that I shouldn't be worrying about this, I should be focusing on my education. But I am not because of this rubbish going on. Me and my cousin think that you should try and help stop this bombing in London. I just pray that no-one I know dies in this attack. Fist we had WW1 then WW2 -- does this mean that it’s going to become WW3? If it does I will be disgusted in you and Tony Blair.

Due to the respect I have for you I still think you should try and help us suffering in London.

Yours Sincerely,
Concerned Children

Gemma & John
Ages 11 and 10
Canning Town and Desoto, TX


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