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June 30, 2004

This country was built on religious principles

Dear Commander and Chief George W. Bush,

I am a 13 year old girl, in New Port Richey Florida. I have taken in a lot of facts about Iraq, I do believe it was wise to go in. You should have given a better reason, and gone into Afghanistan FIRST! Were losing civilians, and soldiers in a wasted effort.

As for the gay marriage. I believe it is still a relationship between a man, and a woman. They should not legalize it, and it should not be excepted. We need harsher supervision on pedophiles. There are right now a lot of teen age girls sleeping with older men, right here in my hometown. It's a stupid thing, and it should be stopped. Teen pregnancy is being supported by so many people, it's no longer a disgrace to have had sex has a child.

More people should read the constitution before changing it. This country was built on religious principles, and changing the laws to be P.C is B.S. It is the foundation, and a part of this country like George Washington. Politics run everything, and it shouldn't be that way. People should run everything.


Age 13
New Port Richey, FL


All I've seen is pain

Dear George:

My name Isabel and I'm only 13 years old. Even though I'm young I would really appreciate if you took what I'm about to write seriously .

When you got elected president of the United States of America , I admit that I thought you where going to be a wise, intelligent, smart leader and role model for are country, but I'm sorry to say I was extremely WRONG.

YOU have made me, for the first time and I hope the last time ashamed to be an American. Every thing I thought America stands for is now down the drain. The hope of living in a country where there was peace and love and harmony is now gone thanks to you.

I was just wondering why are you killing so may innocent lives in Iraq? What did Iraq have to do with the 9/11 attacks? What crime did an innocent child commit for you to take his home, his family, everything he new and loved? Everything! You even took his life and for what I ask you for money right, for your stupid oil companies!

I know that you said you were going to Iraq to liberate the people there but so far I've seen no liberation at all. All I've seen is pain and murder. By you the president.

So, please just please stop killing STOP killing!!! I’ve had enough sadness and depression and anger I want to live in a world where everybody loves each other. Don’t you?

Extremely sad,

Age 13
San Antonio, TX


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