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March 22, 2005

Nothing to do with the right to life issue

Dear George:

With all the problems we have on our national plate, why would you get involved in a case in Florida that has been adjudicated thoroughly? This woman has been in this vegetative state for 15 years and all medical evaluations indicate there is no hope. Why then, would you jump into a state's rights issue and overrule the FL courts?

Congress and you are very wrong about this issue. This has nothing to do with the right to life issue as you all seem to be spouting off about. Carla Faye would have benefited from your intervention in Texas; she could have had a completely new life. This woman is not alive in any sense of the word and won't even be aware of your willingness to overrule the justice system on her behalf!

We should be smarter about our priorities in this great nation. Keeping this woman alive is a great waste of resources!

Age 63
Panama City Beach, FL


Grey areas out of black and white

Dear George:

I plan on writing a few lenghty columns about this.

Lets get right to the point. Just like children trying to the buck the rules - we have some defiant adults trying to get away with breaking the rules. In any religion or constitution, THOU SHALL NOT KILL is made clear. We have guidelines we refer to as laws, made up from our constitution to ensure this does not happen. However, it is up to our government and law system to make sure unscrupulous people do not make grey areas out of black and white.

Some say abortion is not murder because the fetus has not matured enough to sustain life on its own. Now we have a woman who is mature enough to maintain life but needs assistance in doing so because she is handicapped. She looks around at the balloon and smiles and yet she requires a feeding tube to obtain food to live. A judge actually allowed them to pull a feeding tube from this woman! How horrifying and merciless is starving a person to death! How can our system allow this to happen to a human because they are incapable of asking for food? So is a BABY!!

Do this to an animal and the humane society would have you arrested! They give shots to animals to put them to “ASLEEP” because it would be inhumane to starve them to death. We have TV shows about animal cruelty and the atrocities that happen to helpless animals.

If we allow Terri Schiavo’s husband to remove the feeding tube because she needs it to survive and cannot ask for food, what could be next? Will we remove a pace maker from someone because they can't survive on their own without it? If they have had a stroke and cannot ask to keep the pace maker will it give us the legal right to remove it from their chest? Do we stop medical attention to the mentally handicapped next? Then we will be marching towards the Perfect race. Hmmm that sounds of HITLER!

I could write a book about this, but I know I have limited space here. I suppose I will keep it to my column writing and speaking engagements. The media is a powerful weapon that seems to control public opinion through their ability to present certain things in a certain way to the public. Please make sure they see it as it really is.
Think about it – most Americans are over weight because they love their food and cannot diet. Doing without large amounts of food is just unbearable so we are the nation of the overweight. How ironic that we would allow a man to pull food away from a handicapped woman and allow her to starve to death.

Thank You for standing up for what is right in spite of the adversity that unfolds around it.

Age 46
Pensacola, Florida


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