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August 16, 2004

God will protect

My Honorable President:

I am very concerned about our great country and those that work to harm it and our citizens. I feel YOU are the person that can lead the fight against terrorism. Your opponent has no backbone for the job.

I am an avid listener of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Fox News Network and I am heartened to hear the many calls of support for you. I am also disheartened at the un-American way that the liberals have chosen to try to defeat you. To this, I would like to say to “keep on keeping on”. When Kerry puts you down and puts a negative slant on something you have said or done, please tell the whole story and the results. For example, Kerry has criticized you for waiting 7 1/2 minutes before leaving the classroom after you were informed of the Twin Tower attack. Don't apologize for having waited. I'm sure you were collecting your thoughts (as you have stated), but you probably did not want to bring an atmosphere of alarm to the students in the classroom. Secondly, I am sure that your capable staff were already in motion to react to this tragedy. A good COO has good people under his command that can take over when he/she is not available. Besides, a knee-jerk reaction is not something a President should do. To have jumped up immediately and left the classroom would have been just that.

The Democrats will somehow try to blame you for Hurricane Charley and the problems that will effect the victims and our country. Please remind America that the economic problems are a result of a “business interruption”, as one economist stated. September 11, 2001 was also in that category. It is not your fault that these two events took place and the people of America need to understand. Many will not want to understand because of what liberals have pounded into their heads.

I am so thankful that you are a Christian and are not ashamed to acknowledge it. You have brought honor and respect back to the office of the President of the United States. My daily prayers are with you, your family, your staff, and the military and that God will protect, guide, and give wisdom and knowledge to each of you. Keep up the good work and stand your ground, with professionalism and courage, against the negativism that Kerry slings at you. May God Bless you and our great America!

Age 57
Cartersville, GA


God doesn't take sides

Dear George:

Of great concern to me is the war with Iraq: a war I don't believe God endorses. The New Testament, unlike the Old, teaches love of our enemies.

Infused in Jesus’ gospel is that we all fail and have fallen short of His glory. When did God die and appoint you His heir? The presidency was never intended as a pulpit for ones’ religious beliefs. God doesn't take sides. If He did, we would be his puppets. I would have respect for you if you personally admitted that the preemptive invasion of Iraq was a grave mistake. Where are the WMD? This war contains ongoing consequences which may never be rectified. Spouses and families left behind are struggling financially and emotionally, not to mention the GIs who undoubtedly will suffer PTSD from horrors they have witnessed and taken part in. Their souls and minds are just as severed as the innocent heads on Iraqi chopping blocks.

Next, I have comments about our economy. Unemployment percentages must be interpreted in light of people who had received benefits but are no longer eligible because they can't find suitable work within the given time frame. I think more are unemployed or underemployed than ever, even college graduates. Where did Clinton's huge surplus go and what has caused the huge deficit instead?

Is my family better off than four years ago? Absolutely not! We won't be under your presidency because you are out of touch with the reality ordinary, middle class and poor face every day.

I recently attended a large rally for Senator Edwards. Blanche Lincoln, Dale Bumpers, David and Mark Pryor, Rodney Slater and others were there. They were totally pumped up for this election and got the crowd geared up as well. The Democrats are watching you with scrutiny, Mr. Bush. (God in his omniscience is, too.) There had better not be fishy, finagling Florida-like tampering with the votes this year. You'll hear an outcry all the way to D.C. if there is.(Is it coincidental that this happened in a state where your son is Governor?)

I really feel compassion for you, Mr. Bush. Your “my way or the highway” attitude is tearing this country apart and you are so totally oblivious or in denial.

I pray that God will open your eyes and give you discernment. Be open to His will in your life, not your own.

Age 56
Little Rock, Arkansas


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