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July 26, 2004

The darkness before the dawn

Dear George:

I am struck by the letters I have read on this site. I am amazed at how strongly they line up into two camps, either strongly for you or strongly against you.

As someone who thinks you are the most immoral and destructive president in my lifetime, perhaps ever, I am touched the most by the letters of those who support you, some with great fervency, and with great affection. I know they are sincere.

I guess it makes me even madder to think that you represent such a betrayal of the trust that these good people are putting in you.

I feel that a lot of things that started in the “sixties”(whenever that really was) are coming to a head again. Our country has made such progress since then, becoming more compassionate, more open, and freer than ever, more tolerant of differences, and becoming stronger in the process. This has very little to do with politicians, by the way, except in that they often get in the way.

In my mind, you represent the last of the forces opposing such changes. In your own way, you're trying to make us, as a people, less compassionate, less free, more intolerant, and weaker than before. Certainly you are making our country more and more divided, both along cultural lines, and economic ones.

And as an evangelical Christian, who knows exactly what you mean when you talk about a personal relationship with the Lord, and a closer walk with Him, I have been challenged in my faith in ways I never thought possible. How can someone who seems to have such a sincere faith produce such rotten fruit? It's made me question everything I've ever known in church. Perhaps it's something like what Luther felt before he nailed his theses on the door at Wittenberg. So I pray for a renewal of faith in the churches of America.

But I also know that when change occurs, it's not always comfortable. When healing comes, it sometimes seems the most painful time of all, like the darkness before the dawn.

And that's my hope. I've known for thirty years that we Americans made great strides in the sixties, and I mean strides in the softening of our hearts, and renewal of faith, of openness and freedom, and real strength, despite an array of forces against us. This is truly the greatest land on earth, and if anyone doesn't think God has been blessing it these last thirty years, well, that person just hasn't been paying attention. But I also always knew that there was more left to do.

You make me feel exactly like I did back then thirty years ago. It was a dangerous time, with violence on all sides. Yet we came through it a better and stronger nation. It is my hope that this time, when the stakes are high again, we'll advance again.

Age 52
Castro Valley, California


America's King David

Dear George:

Mr. President, you have impressed me beyond measure. Your consistency in conservative thought and philosophy as well as your candor and “devil may care” attitude have inspired me many times. Your verbal skills are what this nation needs. Who cares if it may come across as brash and blunt. That is what this nation needs! I've had enough of the tactful, well-thought out political correctness of the previous administration and the liberals. What is right is right and that message needs to be delivered from someone who is not ashamed to ruffle feathers. In the words of Alexander de Tocqueville, “America will cease to be great when America ceases to be good.”

As the son of an “old school” democrat who sincerely believes in the good of this nation, I have struggled with where to stand on the issues that seem to divide this country. My father was and is my hero. He worked hard and gave his all for his family, his church and Mississippi Power and Light. He was extremely pro-union. He was president of a local union for electrical workers because he believed in fair pay and higher standards of safety for those in his line of work. I love him dearly but we differ politically. I believe that he recognizes that the Democratic party is not what it used to be, but he is loyal. He is my hero...and so are you.

Just like my dad, you believe in those things that are better for the whole of America, even when the majority of Americans can't see it. The Bible says, “Without a vision the people perish.” You have a vision for America that is rooted in faith and conservative thought. You have tried not to let us get mired down in the petty issues. You have tried not to become distracted from the vision and leadership of our forefathers. You still see the “Big Picture” even when most of America only sees the here and now. Thank you for providing hope and positive influence in this day and age.

I grew up during the Reagan era which had such a profound influence on my outlook on life, that I second it only to my “coming of faith” experience with Jesus Christ. Romans 13 reminds me that God appoints our government leaders. I struggled with that during Clinton's administration but I realized that even God gave the Israelites what they wanted in a king and it was a disaster. His name was King Saul. But God knew what Israel needed. They needed King David. You are America's King David, Mr. President.

Stay true to your core beliefs and most of all, stay true to the One who saved you. God will always bless those who bless Him. Thank you for being a leader that I can tell my children to about. You are one of this nations greatest American presidents. I will continue to pray for you and support you.

Age 37
Cleveland, MS


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