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July 29, 2004

Nothing seems to have changed

Dear George:

At three score and four yrs and a one time Goldwater Republican, I have proud memories of my work at the convention in Miami in “68”.

I believe that we were opposed to Labor Unions (especially Teachers)The UN; a living wage for workers, and any social program that would surely bankrupt the country. We were For anything that the military/industrial wanted to fight communism and tax cuts.

Nothing seems to have changed much except now it is terrorism and I am no longer a Republican In this administrations hands, I am surprised that Lincoln has not gotten up and walked out of his monument.

Age 64
Canton, Ohio


Gut instinct

Dear Mr. President:

I am 45 years old and sad to say have not been very knowledgeable when it comes to politics. My son is all gun-ho about Michael Moore and his movie, and against you. He told me I need to get educated before I vote, or don't vote. So tonight I sat down and listened to some of the speakers at the democratic convention. The black Baptist preacher who rattled on for 20 minutes, is who got my feathers ruffled. He is a preacher, a Baptist preacher and puts on like its O.K. for same sex marriage? Give me a break.

I've come to this conclusion. I believe that more decisions rather it be political, financial or otherwise, have been decided on gut feelings. My gut feeling is this. You are against same sex marriage and not afraid to say it out loud, regardless if you're suppose to keep religious beliefs out of politics or not. That tells me that you will not waver on your moral beliefs even if it costs you the election. That is truly a man of good morals and I believe above all else that good morals and a strong faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ, is exactly what this country needs now, more than ever. So I for one Mr. President am voting on my gut instinct.

I will be proudly voting for you.

God Bless you and your family.

Age 45
Rowlett, TX


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