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February 23, 2006

US Port Security and Transfer (Part III)

Editor's Note: The flood of letters regarding the potential transfer of six US ports from a London-based company to a Dubai-based company has continued to grow. It also appears that many people were unaware that these ports were foreign-owned before this deal. In the history of this website, there has never been a time when all sides of the political aisle have been so overwhelmingly in agreement on any issue. This issue appears to have struck at the core of President Bush's support and angered long-time supporters, who view his tough stance and words against terrorism undermined by this deal. The president has threatened a veto of any congressional action to stop this deal, and it will be interesting to see how congress reacts to what the overwhelming criticism of this proposed deal in an election year.
- Marcus Woollen, Editor


Dear George:

I am appalled at the sale of 6 of our MAJOR ports to the United Arab Emirates! Are you saying to the American people that America is for sale to the highest bidder????

In a speech you gave to the American people on September 2, 2004 at the Republican National Convention in Madison Square Gardens, you said, "I believe the most solemn duty of the American President is to protect the American people. If America shows uncertainty or weakness in this decade, the world will drift toward tragedy. This will not happen on my watch." I am republican, and I supported you through the debates and through all the trials the media was saying about you. And after saying we are safe with you as president, I felt relieved. However, now with the possible sale of our ports, you are vowing to VETO any legislation that would block this sale. I don't know about everyone, else, but that doesn't make me feel good.

You stood with people in NYC and rescue workers telling them you would do whatever it takes to defend our country. Can you look at them and all the people who lost someone that tragic day in September that this is safe? That the intelligence of America is SO great, you would be able to foresee a threat? If that is so, why did September 11 happen?

"Do I forget the lessons of September the 11th and take the word of a madman, or do I take action to defend our country? Faced with that choice, I will defend America every time. " If in fact, you choose to defend America every time, this port issue will be laid to rest. You are giving control to a country that has allowed the terrorists to use to get to us. More and more every day I regret voting for you. You have the great presidents such as Reagan, rolling over in their graves. You have a duty and a responsibility to the people that have put you where you are right now, to do what is right for this country. Not what is right for YOU or your allies, the Saudi family.

Age 26
Cedar Springs, MI


Dear George:

Please rescind any deals selling American seaport operating control to foreign business interests. I daresay we cannot buy any of theirs. The Chinese are already trying to get control of the Panama Canal and the Port of Los Angeles. How much are you asking?

You seem to consider America as being one, vast yard sale. Is your hobby collecting black holes for us taxpayers? How about keeping a little bit of America for our children, and yours?

Age 75
West Jordan, Utah


Dear George:

I have supported everything you have done and voted for you both times. I have really supported your act on terrorism, but I must say that I do NOT agree with you on THE PORT issue, I think this is a big mistake. I have been listening to my friends, fellow employees, and family and everyone things this a a crazy move for you to make.

You don't give an inch on your terrorism policy and I certainly stand behind you but this is complete turnaround. Please reconsider. It certainly doesn't make sense. Why should any other country especially an Arab country take over our ports??


Age 56
Woodbridge, NJ

Dear George:

I greet you with the grace of the god of heaven and earth. Sir i was shock to read in the morning paper that here we go selling off America to over sea government in the middle east. I wonder when you will stop this selling of this country to bail you out of poor management of the resources of this great land. Sir how many more jobs and security items do you you plan to bring us further down. You got this country in a tail spend with the war, just as you made a mess with the saving and loan back when you Father was president. I ask this of you,How does one come to office with a balance budget and with all good sense plunge a nation in to triple debt and be an effective leader. Sir whom are you helping?

Age 56


Dear George:
Please stop this overseas and bring America back yo be strong and independent. Please keep America and the morals that built this country strong. We as Americans can and will be strong, we need to be independent!!

Age 58
Red Hill, PA


Dear George:

I have never been more disappointed with your choices than to keep this war going on in Iraq. I want our men to come home safe and sound and let the Iraq people take care of themselves. I see no amount of troops will make a difference in their attitudes towards life. They will never stop killing each other and our soldiers.

Also, Port Newark does not need to be owned by Arabs, nor should any other US port. This seems to interfere in my mind with our Security issues. How could you even think to allow this. What's in it for you?

I am counting the days till you leave office, I think you have screwed up our country with all you needs to take on the world.

Age 52
New Jersey

President Bush; I have supported you 1000% to date, but I do not support you in any fashion to sell our shipping ports to any country, especially an Arabian country. Will our country one day be owned and operated by all but Americans??? I Pray not. To sell them now- is forever.

Age 78
Seneca Falls, NY


Dear George:

It is appalling enough that:
  • you stole the election both times.
  • you and your cohorts mock the constitution and the citizens of the United States.
  • you allow our country to be terrorized by 9-11 and over 2500 people die because of it. I believe you allowed it to happen.
  • you are a blundering, stumbling,uneducated (your family riches got you into Harvard) idiot.
  • you have gotten us in an war so you and your rich buddies can get even richer at the expense of our soldiers and even innocent Iraqi people.
  • you are trying to sell our country to foreign interests who in the long run will do us tremendous harm. I am totally against the sale of our ports to foreign interests. I believe that this should be considered a traitorous and impeachable offense.

Please resign before you do this country more harm.


Age 52
Mobile, Alabama


Dear George:

I have backed and took up for the President, but this idea for a Arab taking over our ports is going to far. The American people had better stand up and stop this now! And I am not a person against other countries or races!

Age 62
Walker, LA



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  • At 10:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Ok, so he lied to the, uh, entire planet, never came clean on his cocaine usage or drunk driving arrests, exploits Christianity by mentioning God at every chance he gets because people get so defensive when God is mentioned, vacationed while people in Lousiana died after he promised before the hurricane hit that they were ready to help out immediately, started a war under 100% false pretenses because Saddam Hussein "at one time tried to kill my dad" (that's how a global leader speaks?), called the Constitution a "godd*mned piece of paper," has an administration that blows the cover of an undercover CIA agent, allowed a gay fake-reporter using a false name to enter the White House many many times (now THAT'S national security folks!), pre-screens all of his audiences to his liking (that's courage!), fills vital federal posts with inexperienced cronies... on and on and on...
    AND THE PORTS DEAL IS WHAT GOT YOU UPSET? You're rather selective.


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