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November 26, 2005

We can be thankful

Dear George:

On this Thanksgiving Day, as our courageous troops are stretched thin,
protecting other countries and bringing them the “freedom” which we
in America are losing, as our borders remain just as unprotected as they
were prior to 9/11, as our American values, our language, our history, and
our freedoms are under assault, as our ranchers in the border states live in
fear for their lives, as untold numbers of illegal aliens and terrorists
pour across our borders every day, as one third of all those incarcerated in
our jails are illegal aliens which we, the citizens, must pay for, as our
schools are failing, our hospitals closing, our infrastructure crumbling
under the burden of illegal immigration.......... we ALL have one thing in
common for which we can be thankful.

Thank God you can not run again.

As as American who loves this country, I pray that God will give all of us
the wisdom to abandon the two political parties that have abandoned us and
destroyed this country and to vote Third Party. May God bless the
Minutemen, and the American patriots like Tom Tancredo, Virgil Goode, and
Ron Paul, who put their love of country above their own political careers.
As for George Bush Sr. and Jr., Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Tom Feeney, John
Mica, Jimmy Carter, and all of the other politicians whose greed, hubris,
and misguided “New World Order” agenda have ruined this
country...may they and their families one day reap the same suffering that
the common American has been dealt at their hands.

Age 53
Altamonte Springs, FL


Be thankful

Dear George:

On this Thanksgiving Day I will not criticize but be thankful for
having such a great president as yourself and for your doing your best as
our president. I am currently a teacher experiencing classroom management
problems and don’t know if I can continue to work in the current
district I work in. However that will not keep me from loving the education
field and trying to better myself.

I am also a sergeant in the Air Force Reserve who has an idea
possibly that might somehow capture or hinder the terrorist network that we
need so much to stop. I am suggesting, Mr. President that we volunteer to
help more with the Pakistan earthquake effort. As an air transportation
sergeant I am willing to volunteer anytime to try to help in that relief
effort. It would send goodwill to that country and in the meantime possibly
bring a concentrated effort against possible terrorists in the area.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

SSGt Patricia
Age 48
Willow Grove, PA


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