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July 19, 2004

I have lived next to two Presidents

Mr. President:

My husband and I feel so grateful to have you as our President, Leader and Commander and Chief, during this time of war and national crisis. Your handling of 9/11 showed courage, insight, compassion and yes, graciousness.

We were not surprised by this at all. After all you, as well as myself, are “Midland people”. I am amazed that I have lived next to two Presidents, that is quite a “big deal for a little 'ole gal from West Texas”(Oak Street, Midland, TX approx 49-52).

Having you and Laura in White House has restored moral values, dignity and faith to this country, know matter what others may say.

Your handling of the war in Iraq, Afghanistan and War on Terrorism is above reproach. You think things through, have surrounded yourself with the best minds ever assembled, always speak the truth, MEAN WHAT YOU SAY AND FOLLOW THROUGH.

Clinton, Gore or Kerry in office at 9/11 would have plunged this country into despair and turmoil that me might not be out of yet.

Once again, we thank you for your strong leadership and we are grateful for your service to our Country.

I do appreciate the opportunity that I have been afforded to write you this letter, even though I know you will never see it.

Best personal regards,

Age 56
Bedford, TX


I helped park your limo once

Dear George:

I don't expect you to remember me but we've met. Back in 2000, I worked for members of your campaign crew. We met in Des Moines, and in Detroit. You seemed like a nice guy, and at that time you didn't seem to have so much up your sleeve. I helped park your limo once, and celebrated your victory over John McCain with you in Detroit in the Michigan Caucus.

That won't be happening this year. This year if I see your limo I'll be holding picket signs. You owe it to this country to resign Mr. Bush. You won't have many more chances to do the right thing.

Please get your fingers off the bombing buttons (it's not a video game) and give the controls back to the people. Mr. bush, I believe you are a war criminal, and a horrible person guilty of horrible crimes against our nation and other nations of the world. I only hope you will be judged accordingly in this life. God won't be so forgiving in the next. You sold out this country and our armed forces to line your pockets with oil.

I believe you will find this country a very lonely place when the truth gets out and your Oval Office/Texas rancher president days are over. I'm sure there's a place for you in Saudi Arabia.

you won't be missed

Age 22
Cedar Falls, IA


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