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June 24, 2004

Freedom into the heart of darkness

Dear President Bush:

The USA will be more respected around the world in the future, because of your principled stand and your commitment to spreading the idea of freedom into the heart of darkness. Just as the Eastern Europeans know that President Reagan stuck to his convictions and forced a final showdown with communism, Someday many people in the Middle East will recognize your contribution to building a free , peaceful and democratic Iraq. And ultimately the entire middle east.

There is now and has always been only one answer to the oppression, hatred and prejudices generated by the corrupt, brutal regimes which control the wealth and power in the middle east. That is for the USA to push, prod or power the ruling junta's into giving into the RIGHT human condition of freedom and self determination. The only way to close the madrassa's and terror training camps is to remove the criminal dictatorships which use them to subjugate their own people and fight a proxy war with the Western countries including the USA, Britain and Israel.

I have followed your Presidency closely and I hear all the slander, innuendo and flat lies directed at you, But I also know you haven't lied. I heard you state from the outset that this would be a war unlike any other. I understood the enemy you described and listened when you voiced the inhumane conditions which feeds such blind hatred. I understood you were talking about a struggle which would go on for decades or generations instead of months or years. I agree that the cruel and brutal governments those people live under were responsible for the hatred directed at the USA and it wasn't a result of any injustice America had forced on anyone. If we are guilty of anything it is of looking away and allowing the status quo dictatorships to kill and oppress their citizens when we should have been pushing for free elected governments.

I also don't believe the lie that Iraq isn't a part of the war against terrorism, while it is true al Queada attacked us. They are just one of many terror groups which are all interconnected and use the smoke screen of having different names or enemies as a disguise. They all exist because the illegal regimes with their conscripted and unmotivated armies in the middle east can't face Israel or the USA on the battlefield, So they support terror groups to fight a shadow war, hoping we'll believe they can't control those groups. Saddam was the biggest enemy the USA had period and the world is now and will continue to be a better place because he is in jail.

I have always been a proud American, however; I have never been prouder of my country and the men in our military than I am right now. Thank you President Bush for being a honest, principled man and thank you for being the 43rd President of this great country.

Age 57
Longview, TX


Your pop's pal remains free

Dear George:

It would be nice if you were interested in combating terrorism instead of chasing petrol.

If you would have wanted to go into Afghanistan to get Bin Laden instead of hooking up the pipeline for your business pals the second country you would have invaded would have been Pakistan. Having lived out there it seems to me that Pakistan is the biggest terrorist state in the world.

Yet you keep them as an ally.

Had you enlisted the help of India and gone into Afghanistan and Pakistan at the same time I am sure that bin Laden would be dead or captured. You could have destroyed Al Queada.

But your Pop's pal remains free to harm us.

After all I lived in Kabul as one of a community of ex-patriot refugees from Slippery Dick's Amerika when your pop's pals came in and kicked us out. I was told then by a modern Afghani businessman that it was all about getting the natural gas in the North. He said then that the US and the Soviets were working together on this and that he feared what was happening would lead to the Russians invading. Before I was run out for No Legal Reason, the CIA was already paying Afghans to carry signs against the King.

He was a good King.

Am I wrong that your dad and the Saudi's put that religious Asshole in Afghanistan to distribute anti Helicopter stinger missiles? Make money. Is it not so that the name Al Queada comes from bin Laden’s computer database (The Base) of the religious nuts coming into Afghanistan to fight the Russians? Are you aware of any of this?

My perception of what you are doing is for reasons of greed.

I am not alone in that perception.

Age 63
New Orleans


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