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November 04, 2004

I voted for you in 2000

Dear George:

I voted for you in 2000, but I voted for Mr. Kerry in this election. I understand your positions, but please listen to what I have to say.

Jobs: I've been laid off 3 times since you took office. What else can you do to stimulate jobs besides a tax cut? I received a check from your first tax cut, but then lost my job. Most Americans would happily pay more in taxes if they could have a job!

Iraq: Please try to keep the soldiers as safe as possible.

Age 28
Pittsburgh, PA


He still reigns and rules.

Dear George:

Praise God that He still reigns and rules. I appreciate your stamina. For the past year I have wondered where you stand on homeschooling. Being a homeschooling mom of 4 and seeing others like me be bombarded with threats from children services, How will you respond to us and those attacking us here and around the world? By the way I voted for you twice and your dad.

Age 34
Columbus, Ohio


Everyone stop it

Dear George:

I just wonder If the President reads these letters. I believe it would do this country a tremendous good if he did. He would see how we feel, the average American, the wealthy and poor, good points and bad. President Bush, nobody's God is perfect and it wouldn't hurt to read some of these and understand the American people's views. Yes I do agree, some of these letters are just that they don't understand. You have to make them understand then. To have them totally behind you, you need to make them understand.

I can't really say I am a Republican or Democrat, I just want the good for America. I think both parties have good points and bad. This country would become the best in the world if both parties was to really get together on each subject and decide what's good for America, from their hearts and not from their pockets.

Then I think most of the worlds population would think good of America, and we as Americans will be proud that we are Americans again. The world sees both parties making each other look so bad. How can you expect them to back us if you can't get together. Everyone stop it and do what's really good for America.

Congratulations Mr. Bush, And I hope you make the right decisions for America.

Staten Island, NY


Movie stars & singers

Dear George:

Just wanted to tell you that Myself and many others did everything we could to turn out the vote in your favor in Hernando County Florida. I am a veteran of Korea and was deeply concerned about the action Sen. Kerry took after he came home from Viet-Nam-I hope these fine men now feel vindicated.

I am now retired living on a fixed income-what concerns me and many others in Florida is Social Security, Taxes, Education of our young so they can compete with the rest of the World.

We also need to keep good jobs here in America. Make sure that all American has affordable insurance. Most Americans would like to see prayer or a moment of silence allowed back in our schools.

Also assist all the Movie Stars & Singers plus Michael Moore who promised to leave the country if you were reelected to do just that.

God bless you, our fighting men & women and god bless America.

Age 69
Brooksville, Florida


Siamese twins

Dear George,

You are the worst president of my lifetime, and probably of this country's history. You led us into war under false pretenses. You have taken us from a record budget surplus to a record deficit. Your policies have cost us jobs. Access to health-care has not improved under your administration, and probably worsened. You have pandered to the elite, the super-wealthy, and the large corporations. You have turned your back on the environmental standards and treaties. You have offered up give-aways to the energy and timber industries with Orwellian names like "Clear Skies" and "Healthy Forests." You have ham-strung AIDS work around the world by tying funding to the promotion of abstinence at the exclusion of condom distribution. You have played the politics of divisiveness, using the constitution as a wedge. I could go on and on, but you know what you have done. And so do we. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who seem to be asleep at the wheel.

America is like a pair of Siamese twins, where one of the twins has a genetic defect resulting in low IQ and a mean disposition. We can't kill our mongoloid brother, or we kill ourselves. There was the opportunity for separation, back in the 1800's, and perhaps, we should have taken it, but its too late now. So, we are doomed to life with an idiot appendage dragging around next to us, picking fights, drooling and spouting biblical passages. In the end, our idiot brother will be our undoing. We are stuck.

So, what is the answer? Let the healing begin? No, I don't think so. This is war. But you already knew that also.

I hope you choke on a pretzel, you pampered, inbred, dimwit.

Age 39
Somerville, MA

P.S. Your religion is a joke.

P.P.S I hope your wife and daughters are raped by Palestinian lesbians with hepatitis.


What the country wants

Dear George:

I understand that you got the Popular, and Electoral votes, but it doesn't mean that the Democrats don't count as well. Only 17% of the people between ages 18-29 voted this year, so if these individuals voted, you might not have won today. I really urge you to make you decisions, not according to what you think is right, but according to what the country wants. Our country used to be respected by other countries, maybe even loved when Kennedy served as president, but do you see what is happening now? We need good foreign relationships if we don't want terrorism. I also want to bring up the subject of abortion. This may not be true, but I think that it is because of your religion that you are choosing to not have abortion. You can argue that you are killing a potential life, aren't you also doing the same in war? Also, if a incapable individual/family is taking care of a child, we don't know what is going to happen to that child. Most children who are not loved turn to a life of crime because they don't have any support. Would you want this to happen? If you are reading this, thank you very much for your consideration, I know that most people or presidents wouldn't listen to a mere 12 year, but I'd like to say that everyone in this country should have a voice, and here's mine.

Age 12
New York City


You have done so many wonderful things

Dear George:

I think you are a wonderful president and I wish you the best of luck in your 2nd term. I've researched Nader, Kerry, and you. After reading all three of your views on education, social security, and Iraq, I have decided you are the best out of the three. You have done so many wonderful things for schools. Because Senator John Kerry is against voluntary prayer in school, I do not like him. My family and I are VERY religious. It made us quite angry to learn of this fact. When we heard he approved abortion, we were outraged. My family watched the television eagerly and celebrated your victory. Thank you!!!

Age 13
Huntsville, Alabama


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