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July 12, 2004

It's the smirk

Dear George:

It's the smirk. Really. It's that smirk that you give right after you give an answer to a question that says more than words can say. Hubris? Arrogance? I am not sure that there is a single word that expresses it, but the smirk expresses more to us - and by you - than most of your answers.

I would hope that the official portrait from your single term would be one that includes the smirk. For your supporters; those that love all that you are, support all that you do, and believe all that you profess to believe, the smirk seems to be a signal of strength. For those who are not your supporters (and I place myself in that category) the smirk is a sign of smug self- satisfaction. In fact, the smirk may be the only thing about you that is truly a “uniter”. We all see in it what we want to see. Only you can express the thoughts behind it. Then again, maybe you can't. At any rate, I really do want it preserved on your official portrait.

Partly because it will be wiped off of your face when the elections returns come in. But mostly because that's the way I want to remember you. Not with the flight suit, or on the golf course right after 9-11, or with your arm around the firefighter at ground zero. But in a suit with the smirk. The smirk says it all.

Age 45


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