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May 29, 2004

Introduction Letter

Dear Mr. President:

In the spirit of a long tradition of open letters to our elected leaders, I
am creating a theater project entitled, "Dear George: Letters to the

It is no secret that the nation is divided in its opinion of your
presidency. However, I feel that viewing this division in a simple, binary
manner, does not do justice to you and your office, or to the spirit and
intelligence of the American Public. We do not think in soundbites, and our
opinions are far more complex than an "approve/disapprove" poll can discern.

Because of this, I am actively soliciting open letters from Americans from
all walks of life, and all political and personal viewpoints to read from in
a staged performance this October.
It is my aim to have actors read directly from these letters, in whole or in
part, with no alterations to their content or intent. I view my role, and
that of my collaborators, as curatorial in nature, aspiring to accurately
reflect the unique and divergent viewpoints of America.

A letter reveals more about its author than its recipient. We write letters
to our leaders not only to comment on current policy, but to express our
hopes, fears and dreams for our shared future. It is my great hope that the
ultimate work serves as a snapshot of our nation at this point in our
We are welcoming Americans' open letters to your office on all subjects, and
from all perspectives. I anticipate many letters that deal with our current
national situations, I hope to include letters on subjects not on the front
pages of our newspapers, as well as letters which express our views as to
what it means to be an American.

Letters are being collected throughout the summer, from Memorial Day to
Labor Day at www.DearGeorgeLetters.com

The website has a function for those contributing to the project to forward
a copy of their letter to you directly as well. Some contributors may choose
to remain anonymous, and some may choose to lie, but each letter will be
considered without prejudice.

I would, of course, welcome any input or contribution that you may have to
this project. I would be honored if you would share an open letter to
America in return.

Marcus Woollen

West 50th Street Productions,
New York City


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