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January 23, 2005

Taxation Without Representation

Dear George:

Have you noticed during the past four years that your big White House is surrounded by a city? A city where many thousands of people live, work and raise their families?

Have you noticed the official motto on the license plates of that city? Well they say "Taxation Without Representation", in case you haven't looked beyond the windows of your nice, new limo.

That's right, George, we live here and pay Federal taxes as well as District taxes, but we have no voting representative in the House of Representatives nor in the Senate.

When this subject comes up in conversation, I'm often told, "Well, you chose to live there knowing that you had no vote. Now it's just too bad and you have to live with your decision." My response to that has been to ask whether they'd have told black folks that they should continue to be denied the right to vote because that's the way things always were? What about women? Should the Suffragettes have been told to forget about it, because that was the status quo?

Well, George, the District of Columbia might be a city full of Democrats, but even a Republican President can see what a wonderful place he'd have in history if only he'd support the right of the residents of D.C. to have a full voice in the government of our glorious Republic. Hey, if that doesn't work you can go ahead and exempt us from the payment of Federal taxes. Your choice.

Age 49
Washington, DC


Mt. Rushmore

Dear President Bush,

I am writing you today to ask for your help and guidance in achieving a goal of mine and I'm sure of many other Americans.I would like to know how to go about having former president Ronald Reagan,placed on Mt.Rushmore along with the other presidents.This I believe is an honor President Reagen has not only achieved but is also well deserved.Mount Rushmore to me represents our great nation.These Presidents not only helped shape our nation,but also th world today as we know it.

I am a republican who had the privilege to vote for President Reagan when I turned 18. I have stayed the course , but I know not only republicans would want this I feel our whole nation would.I am very proud and blessed to be an American and to live in this great nation of ours.

I fell this is a perfect time to initiate this.I would like to see this happen in Nancy Reagan's lifetime as well as mine.

Let me also say congratulations in your 2nd inaugural and a job well done.Keep our nation safe & strong, I know God is leading you please answer my letter and advise me on this.


Age 42
New Jersey


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