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August 20, 2004

A Christan from a military family

Dear George:

I can only say that you've been a most horrible excuse for a president. I'm never quite sure which sickens me more, the pandering that you do the Christians, or the pandering that you do to our military heroes, as you cut their benefits.

As a Christan from a military family, we often can't help but to roll our eyes every time we see the news covering you at yet another campaign stop, where you dispense empty promises that shall remain un-fulfilled if we were to elect you to another four year term. Of course we could go and vote for Kerry (and we probably will) but it's extremely sickening to see a man who started out so well in his term, turn out to be a hoodlum who runs the country into the ground, and causes countless deaths in an un-justifiable war.

May it be gods will that you don't get elected again, and that the victor of the election learn from your horrid mistakes.

Here's hoping that you will one day realize how horribly astray you have led this countries citizens.

Mark and Jennifer
Age 34
San Diego, CA


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