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November 11, 2005

I still support you, but...

Dear George:

I still support you, but am so disappointed with some members in your house. Please rearrange and get rid of your bad apples for they are starting to spoil all of you. Your ratings have gone done significantly, some say you cannot come back up. I believe that you can and will.

First off-admit you had to do some cleaning within that house. replace with men of integrity. Believe me, you will gain more respect by admitting to not always being right and that you were strong enough to rearrange regardless of feelings of those close to you.

Second-you need to devise a better plan for Iraq. I hate being there now but I am not leaving you left burning at the stake alone. we were all in it together and all of those in the house that said yes are now backing down like a bunch of wimps as they are, they have disappointed me so much.

Thirdly, if Delay is indeed guilty, don't coddle him, he needs to step down and not serve as he is. Same as Frist, Same as Rove if he is guilty.

Please have some backbone and do it!

I’m so sick of seeing all the corruption going on and it seems as if you are doing nothing. It is wrong. Where are men of character and good integrity? That is more important than anything else at this time.

I voted for you and still stand beside you but you have got to make some serious changes or it will go down in history the last 3 years as being hell for you. Please DO IT!!

Age 33
Washington, DC


You aren't trying very hard

Dear George:

While it would be preferred that you simply leave office, in the alternative, please put the following on your To Do List:

  • 1. Do not pardon Mr. Libby.
  • 2. Fire Karl Rove.
  • 3. Set a reasonable timeline for our withdrawal from Iraq.
  • 4. Capature Osama Bin Laden. Ask the Bin Ladens. You know them well.
  • 5. Quit saying “freedom.” You don’t the first thing about it.
  • 6. Reconcile the divergent stated reasons why you nominated Ms. Miers and Mr. Alito to the Court.
  • 7. Fire Rumsfeld and Cheney. They like to torture people. Rumsfeld even went as far as to write it down with (paraphrasing) “why are these people made to stand only 4 fours at a time? I stand at my standing desk 10 hours a day,” etc.
  • 8. Fire Gonzales. He thinks it is somehow rational to question the definitions of torture vis a vis the Geneva Convention.
  • 9. Figure out your poll numbers are as low as Nixon’s during Watergate and rectify.
  • 10. Learn how orate. It is essential to the job of Leader of the Free World. You cannot do it well, or even passably.
  • 11. Think for yourself as our leader; don’t delegate so much. We didn’t vote in a committee to lead.
  • 12. Go to at least one funeral for a fallen soldier in Iraq.
  • 13. Just... try to do better. I get the sense you aren’t trying very hard.

Age 35
Austin, Texas


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