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July 09, 2004

Thank you (part II)

Dear George:


Thank you for believing this a theocracy, because homosexuals aren't capable of a loving and caring relationship. Because a couple that would choose to be together for twenty years without usually being allowed to have children or own a home together or be otherwise bound to their "marriage" really don't understand love. Because couples that choose to overlook persecution because of their love couldn't ever understand the complexities of a real relationship! Because you own my uterus and decide my moral beliefs on what is life and what is not. You decide what children I will have, and decide when they are considered children. Because you, as a Christian, deserve more rights than I do.

Thank you for starting a war the first chance you had, because I know that my generation is going to love having to pay for your choices. Social security has been ruined already. And now we'll have to deal with rebuilding international relationships. Hopefully our Presidents to come will have the same focus as you, to totally ignore that the rest of the world is outraged and tickled by your behaviors. And because my behaviors do not matter, only you and your beliefs.

Thank you for ignoring us in your pathway to being a hard-assed "military genius". Because our citizens should suffer for their illnesses and ailments, instead of having affordable medicine made available. Canada really needs the money, you know. Because all of our natural parks should be destroyed because they have the oil we need to lower gas prices, because that's certainly all our fault. Because unemployment is fun and other countries (or the conquering--I mean liberation--of) deserve more attention than America if you're the president of the United States. And because our children should be judged by test scores and should comply to an educational system you won't or can't afford.

Thank you insulting America. Thank you for insulting me. Thank you representing the worst prejudice, hate, ignorance, and hypocrisy because America should seem as horrible as everyone (now if not before) thinks we are. Don't be modest, because it's the represenative of an administration that will bear the brunt of it's criticism. Though I thank them too for scarring Lady Liberty.

Thank you for giving me and America a reason to kick you out of office, and someone to look back and laugh at ten years later. You model freedom through the processes of selective hearing, blatant disregard for others who do not follow your same vaules, and mark anyone who doesn't blindly follow you with an "anti-patriot x" right across their forehead. All characteristics I look for in a good leader.

Thank you.

Age 16
Harlem, GA


Thank you (part I)

Dear George:

Thank you for your dedication to protecting this country. Thank you for protecting us from our enemies without, and the enemies within. Thank you for never backing down despite many publicized liberal protests.

Thank you for restoring honor and decency to the White House, and the highest office in the nation. At a time when the office had been disgraced, you lifted it up, and have been a shining example for all future dwellers in that position. Families can watch and admire the President again, the office is no longer R rated. Thanks for keeping beyond reproach.

Thank you for your honesty and integrety. Thank you for not talking down to us, the American Public, and rather embracing the common people.

Thank you for your relentless efforts in the War on Terror. The terrorists are running out of places to hide, thanks to your efforts.

Thank you for keeping America moral, and on the right track. Thanks for not allowing the country to keep down the trek to a modern day Soddom and Gemorrah, where we were headed.

Thanks especially for all those lives who you saved through your pro-life funding, and the lives that will be saved when the Partial Birth Abortion act goes into effect.

Thanks also for showing your Faith with the nation, and inviting us into it. As a nation, we've gone through some tough times during the past 4 years, and your Faith has been a shining example to build on.

Thanks Mr. President for all this and so much more.

Age 23
St. Paul, MN


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