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August 31, 2004

Republicans do not “own” September 11

Dear George:

While you are currently the president of this great country I love and therefore deserve some modicum of respect, I find it difficult to offer. I especially find it difficult to offer after watching last night's cable coverage of the first evening of the Republican Convention. Knowing how totally involved you are in this current campaign, I find it difficult to stomach your obvious approval of the “slant” of the night's activities. Republicans do not “own” September 11. Anyone who was president at the time would have gone there and supported the people. That you were the one who was given the political opportunity - I call it such as you have obviously chosen to portray it in that light - is an accident of fate. To politicize that awful day in our country is an affront to everyone of us who suffered that day.

Age 57
New Hartford, NY


God knew what was coming

Dear George:

I thank Jesus for you. I believe in my heart that the Lord put you where you are today. God knew what was coming (9/11) and He blessed American with a strong and faithful man to lead us during this time. Only God knows if you will win the upcoming election and I pray that you do (if it's God's will). But God is in control no matter what. I pray that you stay strong in your convictions. I thank God for your wife, Laura. What a blessing she must be to you. I believe that Jesus is coming soon. We must not lose sight of this so continue to work for Him until that day. God bless you and everything that you do in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Age 56
Knoxville, Tennessee


I haven't quite decided where to put my vote

Dear Mr. President:

First: I would address you with the respect your office deserves (Even at his most lasciviously ridiculous, the previous incumbent was generally addressed in a fairly respectful manner - A President who has conducted himself with obvious self respect should be accorded, at least the same.)

Second: As a registered independent voter, I tend to watch both sides with close and guarded attention. While I can't say I agree with you on many issues, at least you are pretty clear in your statements. I find it difficult to pin down, in my mind, just what your opponents' plans are - “take back the country” is a nice phrase, but what does it mean exactly??

Third: After fifty-seven years of living and observing, I have reached the conclusion that the most basic difference between the two dominant parties is
- Democrats feel that anything that originates with the Republican party is probably linked to the devil and will take something away from them that feel they deserve.
- Republicans question everyone and everything, including themselves.

Oversimplifying?? - yup.
Broad generalization?? - you bet. Still, it works for me.

Fourth: I haven't quite decided where to put my vote, but I think I'm leaning your way. You haven't solved all the problems of the world yet, but I am coming to believe in your genuine attempt to do your best for your country. Your worthy opponent is a charismatic man and he makes nice speeches, but, so far I haven't seen any real signs of a plan - A charismatic leader without a compass is a scary thing!

So good luck Mr. Bush, I begin to think you have my vote.

Age 57
Campton, NH


We are supposed to be a nation that can compromise

Dear George:

I am an independent voter and am frankly afraid and appalled this election year. We are supposed to be a nation that can compromise when it comes to difficult issues. The problem is that it is hard to do so with someone who sees only black and white.

Everything I have been reading and hearing says that the country is divided like never before. The Democrats only agenda is to get Bush out of office and they are braced for the battle of a lifetime. Unfortunately, the democratic nominee is not a strong one. John Kerry is seen as a waffler on too many issues. He holds the reigns of the party only out of fear of a Bush victory.

On the other hand it seems, the Bush team has a very limited agenda also, which is the war on terror and the lining of their own pockets. The Republicans are starting to think about the real possibility of being defeated. The polls are too close to call. The Bush/Cheney ticket poses another problem as well.

If they do get elected, the margin will be a narrow one and you will have an uphill battle fighting all the antipathy created not only in this country, but the rest of the world. I don't see how you could be an effective president. Are you going to attack another country in the name of terrorism when your approval ratings sink?

I wish you, George W. would recognize your success after 9/11 is a thing of the past and it is time for the country and the world to move on. If you were a real leader you would recognize this and bow out for the sake of world harmony. But I know you are not the kind of person that can admit to making some mistakes and put other's interest ahead of your own.

Therefore, I call on Governor George Pataki to step up to the plate and arrange a team that could convince the Republican delegates that he is a much safer choice and a candidate that could beat John Kerry.

Everyone would win, except for Bush/Cheney and our children could have hope again and grow up in a much safer world.

Age 43
Rome, NY


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