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November 20, 2005

Christians in China

Dear George:

Thank you for visiting China. There are many prisoners in China who are incarcerated strictly because of their faith in Christ. Two such prisoners are Ms. Sun Mingua and Ms Li Ying. Please use your contacts to request that these Christians be released and allowed freedom to share their faith like we have in the United States. I pray God's blessing upon you and your family as you continue to stand in the gap for our country. Praise God for your willingness to be persecuted for your faith. Please stand with these being persecuted by prison, torture and even death.

Your sister in Christ.

Age 47
Tulare, CA


Mistreating His animals

Dear George:

You have a very difficult four years ahead. With anti-Americanism on the rise please keep God in your heart and pray. I voted for you and continue to belief in you because I know that our world is rapidly changing and you are a God fearing man.

I wanted to write and ask you one great favor. A favor that is not for myself but for the poor, innocent and helpless homeless animals in the world. Animals that are brutally tortured alive for fur, and/or food like in China and the Philippines. Please take a look at the homeless animals in Puerto Rico for example. They are everywhere! People are brutally beating them, neglecting them when they see they look like bones dying from starvation and dehydration.

Please contact the government and help them help the poor animals. They are God's creation and the people are disrespecting God by neglecting and mistreating His animals. Please Mr. President. You have a pet dog and you know how sweet, loving and loyal he is. Thousands of animals are dying daily throughout the world because of neglect and abuse. I hope you will contact the government of Puerto Rico and help the animals. Please Sir…I implore you.

Thank you Sir.

Bronx, NY


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