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November 17, 2005

Mother of a Sex Offender

Dear George:

I am a mother of a sex offender, at least that is what they are calling it. My son did not rape, abuse, or force anyone. He had sex with a minor, who also wanted sex with him. I am not an educated female, but I do know the difference between forcing someone and consenting.

I DO Not Condone what my son did, it was wrong and he should be punished. My problem is this: he was sentenced to 30 yrs. to a violent prison. On his court papers it says it was a non-violent crime. So why is he in a violent prison? No one will give me the time of day. Also he has to register as a SO.

I know there are men and women who are out there that abuse children sexually, I agree they need to be punished, but not all sexual abusers as they are called ABUSE. Can’t you try and change the laws for unforced sex. Not all of them need to be put away for 30 yrs. and then have to register for the rest of their lives. My God, murderers get off less time than that.

You probably won’t even read this, but if you do, please help my son. All I want is for him to get out of where he is to a non-violent place, I would be satisfied with that. Also if they could reduce his sentence to 10 yrs.

I have been watching the papers, listening to the radio, and the news on TV, no one is being sentenced like my son has.

I would like to be alive when my son gets out.

Thank you for your time,

Age 57
Columbia, SC


Makes no sense at all

Dear George:

My god, look at the Orlando Sentinel headline! “Teacher Facing Sex Charges Released On Bail”. I would gladly send you the print.

What in the good Lord’s name is happening that sex offenders are released? Our children are being killed, suffering and we are more concerned with the rights of the ones that do these horrid acts? I have been hounded by the IRS for the past 10 years to the point of suicide, and I owed the government nothing”...police were called to my home because I could not continue to live with the harassment and threats...but individuals that kill our children can come up with “money: they get out and kill again and again...

Dear president....you are wonderful and I adore your stand...stop those that hurt and kill our citizens and listen to citizens instead of trying to prosecute them to the point of them wanting to take their lives.

If I had taken my life based on the harassment from the IRS what would that have gained?

If the government would spend as much energy prosecuting sex offenders as they do in trying to harass and prosecute innocent people such as myself
Perhaps we would not have had a little girl buried alive, perhaps we would not be looking for a 9 year old child, perhaps we would not be coming the beaches of Aruba for a missing teenager, perhaps we would not be looking at Orlando headlines that a teacher facing sex charges released on bail. It is outrageous....sex offenders are being slapped on the hand and released to do it again!

Dear president...this man Medina is out...simple and fact....

He alleged did something horrid. With our children...we cannot have anyone like this out and free. The latest case with the 2 children is proof as is the horrid case of Jessica in Florida. My god she was in the closet when police came to this monster's residence. And we are still concerned with this monster's rights? What about this little girl's rights? He raped her and buried her alive and admitted to it.

This country cannot to the point it protects the murderers, rapists, child molesters, tax evaders, people that make mega money, etc. And chooses to go after the easy prey as the IRS is doing with me, and they owe me $8,000) a 58 year old woman that lives paycheck to paycheck and cannot afford to go to the dentist with 17 teeth missing out of her mouth.

Look at the Orlando Sentinel article-This is horrifying...we are setting ourselves up for another tragedy.

Makes no sense at all.

Age 57
Orlando, FL


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