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August 22, 2004

A proud and patriotic American

Dear George:

I am a 44 year old father of three teenage boys and a moderate lifelong Democrat. I have always been a proud and patriotic American who loves this country and its' place in the world. The simple fact is that you have driven this great nation into the ground in the same way you did every company you were ever associated with. World opinion has turned against us and the country is more polarized than any other time since the Civil War.

As a Christian who attends weekly services, I ask the almighty to send you back home to Texas where you belong. I will pray every day for your black soul and the souls of those who support and manage you. I fear that Karl Rove can not be saved so you might want to put some distance between the two of you. As the Bible says, “We know not the day or the Hour”, and you don't want to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

On a positive note, I would like to thank you because your immeasurable failures have energized me to do something to remove you from power. Consequently, I work for the Kerry Campaign several nights a week calling voters in swing states. My faith in this great nation is restored each and every time I speak with a fellow citizen who feels the same way I do about you and your administration. Trust me sir, there are a lot of us out there.

The great American writer Mark Twain (Have you ever heard of him?) once wrote: “A true Patriot always defends his country and its' government when it deserves it”. You do not deserve our support and I pray that you don't get it in November. The world can ill afford 4 more years of George W. Bush!

Thank you and may God bless you and the United States of America.

Age 44
St. James, New York


Empower modern thinkers

Dear President Bush:

Could you please save our environment by mandating immediate tax incentives for solar power, wind farms, hybrid electric/gasoline cars, city trolley cars -(not stinky expensive diesel buses)-, and coal mining.........thereby eliminating a great deal of our dependence on Mid East / Saudi oil. Nothing moves America forward faster, than money. Especially tax savings.

There are millions of military installations, subsidized welfare housing units, schoolhouses, and government buildings that could be introduced to solar power. As solar heat is perfected in larger government buildings, the technology could affordably downsize to accommodate the single family home within the decade saving millions of dollars for homeowners and less dependence on fossil fuels.

Dick Cheney explained that there are currently 51 standards for oil refineries for processing gasoline due to Local State requirements for air quality. That territory war is one reason fuel is so expensive. Couldn't we just process the highest cleanest fuel and make that the mandatory federal standard thereby elimination of 50 lesser qualities of gasoline?

Also note, I would prefer that your campaign start referencing JFKerry voting record. Too many citizens are voting for feelgood rhetoric rather than long haul proposals based on real issues with real solutions. Congress and Senate are responsible for schools, welfare and senior programs. Remind Americans who never had civics how the real government works. JFKerry guy can't lie about his own voting record even though he is doing a great job lying about his military career and medical Purple Heart history. I remember when he was the guest anti-war speaker in Valley Forge with Jane Fonda only a few miles from the Valley Forge Army hospital where hundreds of soldiers were patients evacuated from Vietnam. Kerry had no friends then, and those of us who remember the real Kerry wont forget his dishonor.

JFKerry must avoid mentioning his ultra left-wing liberal stand on partial birth abortion, same sex marriages, a voting record for 350 tax increases, and has a religion of convenience as he voluntarily had his marriage (with children!!!) of 18 years annulled so he could marry Mrs. Heinz. (Yes, I stand with Catholics against Kerry and the priests who refuse to give him communion because of his abortion issues).

I also think it is wise to pull troops out of Korea and Germany. There are Too many dependents overseas who are easy access to terrorists.

We have modern equipment and should empower modern thinkers. I really love Dr. Condoleeza Rice. We have bombers and troop transports that can mobilize and ship troops to hot spots within hours when required. This is the era of smaller meaner modern warfare. We don't need to saturate and subsidize the new European Union with out tax dollar handouts, when we could bring our soldiers home and avoid base closings here in the USA.

President Eisenhower left the soldiers overseas to protect against the Soviets. Its two generations later and The Soviets are no longer our threat.

Our family understands the sacrifice of soldiers and their families and the true cost of freedom.

My grandfather deployed with the PA National Guard in WWI, My father was in the 8th Airforce 493rd Bomb Group England during WWII and later flew the Berlin airlift. My stepfather served in RON 22 PT boat 305 in the Mediterranean and the Pacific. My husband is Vietnam Era veteran and now our USAF son is currently stationed in Germany. (He has also been based in Korea and Kuwait previously.) I have a nine year old grandson who plans to wear the Green Beret.

We will vote for you, because you say what you mean and you mean what you say. God Bless you and your family. And thank you for being a great president during difficult times.

Age 50
Fayetteville NC


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