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July 13, 2004

I loved working on the 99th floor

Dear Mr. President-

Your term in the Oval office has been life changing for me. From the time I saw you on the Letterman Show, when Dave asked you about the mic being open when you said “That guy's an asshole”(not direct quote) about some member of the press. You didn't dodge the question. You looked him in the eye and said, “Yes, I said it, should it have been on an open mic, probably not, but I said and I meant it. This guy said something negative about one of my friends. In that small moment, I saw a man I could relate to by the simple fact you said what you meant and you stuck by it. Loyalty- a much needed quality for a man running for President.

Then on September 11, as I watched with every other American the Trade Center go down, Pentagon be torn open and a plane full of Heroes go down in a field in PA, you were my rock. You have no idea, how much I needed you that day and the many many days that followed. Your words, strength, determination and courage came through loud and clear. Oh how I needed that. You were the only one that could reach me. The days when you would say, you must go on about your daily lives. I did it because you had said it. I worked in the Trade Center several years ago, it was the greatest place in the World to work. I love New York City and I loved working on the 99th Floor of Tower 2. To see those towers go down on September 11, took a friend away from me. I grieved for a lost place and for the many many broken hearts all around the world. I couldn't think of a single reason to go on. What are we here for? I asked over and over. You were the one, you told me why- because we're Americans and these cowards can't stop us.

Without you knowing it, you were my life line. I believed you were counting on me and I had to pull myself together because you had asked me to rise to the occasion. I am so proud of you and your team. I am thankful I can be proud of our President and his staff. The last administration had tarnished the Oval Office and our country- I turned away. It pained me so to be disgusted with a person that held the greatest most honorable office. Thank you for being there when I really needed you even when you didn't know it. You did save my life. You are a great man and an even greater leader. You will always have my support and my loyalty.
with warm regards-

Age 43
Richmond, VA


I was on the 25th floor

Dear George:

I would just like to thank you for all the pain you have caused since Sept 11, 2001. On the morning of Sept 11, I was on the 25th floor of 1WTC when American Airlines flight 11 hit our building and we saw the debris and burning bodies fall from above us. We had to wait till we could get out of the building so we watched in horror as the united flight hit tower 2. I am glad that at that moment, you still could not get away from reading to those kids while many of my coworkers were being killed. Then after you come to my city and say you were going to get the people who did this ,instead of sending 130 thousand troops to Afghanistan to get Bin Laden, you decided this was a good chance to get Saddam in the name of terror. You spoke the name Al Qaeda and Iraq in the same sentence and shoved it down the American peoples throat. Then you and Dick Cheney lie about WMDs in Iraq and how we were in danger. I have no problem with defending ourselves against all enemies but you forgot just one small detail. Iraq was not our enemy, at least not one we needed to worry about. But Bin Laden ,well your actions in Iraq just helped him recruit about a million more to help his cause. Now I may be wrong, but I always thought that if a country has free elections, whomever they elect should be their leader, that is what democracy is all about, but I read that if Iraq elects some Muslim extremist “we won't allow that to happen” was the quote I read. Well, I guess if you can steal an election in America, fixing one in Iraq should be a piece of cake. Well I have to go now just wanted to let you know not all of us are as stupid as you believe we are and come this November, you will follow in your fathers footsteps of being a 1 term president.
I hope you sleep well at night while our soldiers are dying for a people who won't even fight for themselves. Perhaps if you fought in a war instead of whatever it was you did during you “military service” maybe there would be about 800 less American boys dead for some maniacs political gain. Are another 4 years worth a 20 year old boys life. If you had a son instead of daughters I doubt you would be sending HIM to Iraq to fight for your cause. At least be a man and admit that.

Age 46
Jersey City, NJ


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