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July 14, 2004

I voted for you in 2000

Dear Mr. President,

I have been a registered Republican since 1980, and have voted for the Republican presidential candidate in every election since then.

I served in the military for over 10 years, with Mr. Reagan and your father as my Commanders-in-Chief.

I voted for you in 2000. After you defeated Mr. Gore, I was ecstatic! Finally, someone I could believe in after 8 long years under the worst example of a president this country has ever known!

I trusted you in your decision to go to war in Iraq based on the intelligence that Saddam Hussein was building an arsenal of WMD's. You were wrong, and now over a thousand of our finest have died in a campaign for no apparent reason. You have abused your prerogative as president to order troops into harm's way to satisfy some need you have for vengeance. Sure, Saddam is an evil man. But there are many evil dictators in the world, yet you seem fixated on eliminating just one of them.

Personally, I would prefer that a madman in North Korea not have nuclear weapons. Are you going to stop him by sending in troops? If you really intend to promote world peace, going to war in North Korea to stop nuclear proliferation would be more effective.

You also seem to be spearheading the efforts to move as many jobs out of the United States as possible. You're certainly not doing anything to stop the flow of jobs overseas.

Shame on you!

How in the world will a majority of Americans be able to become prosperous without jobs? How short sighted of you! Who do you think will purchase all of the “cheaper” goods and services if people HERE don't have decent jobs?

And I am truly disgusted with your policy of open borders. Why bother having a Department of Homeland Security if anyone can come through the border and be granted amnesty, or worse, retroactive citizenship?

I'm sure that since you have Air Force One that you haven't been through a regular airport lately. But I have. And being treated like a potential terrorist after spending 2 years of my life UNDER WATER in defense of this country infuriates me, especially when I know that you don't care who comes across our borders, as long as it brings cheap labor. Is that your idea of Homeland Security? Making it more difficult for citizens who have proved their loyalty to their country, while letting God knows who sneak their way into the U.S.?

Mr. President, I'm not sure who the best leader of our country would be. But after 4 years in office, I don't believe that person is you. And I will vote accordingly.


Age 43
San Luis Obispo, CA



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