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August 31, 2004

I haven't quite decided where to put my vote

Dear Mr. President:

First: I would address you with the respect your office deserves (Even at his most lasciviously ridiculous, the previous incumbent was generally addressed in a fairly respectful manner - A President who has conducted himself with obvious self respect should be accorded, at least the same.)

Second: As a registered independent voter, I tend to watch both sides with close and guarded attention. While I can't say I agree with you on many issues, at least you are pretty clear in your statements. I find it difficult to pin down, in my mind, just what your opponents' plans are - “take back the country” is a nice phrase, but what does it mean exactly??

Third: After fifty-seven years of living and observing, I have reached the conclusion that the most basic difference between the two dominant parties is
- Democrats feel that anything that originates with the Republican party is probably linked to the devil and will take something away from them that feel they deserve.
- Republicans question everyone and everything, including themselves.

Oversimplifying?? - yup.
Broad generalization?? - you bet. Still, it works for me.

Fourth: I haven't quite decided where to put my vote, but I think I'm leaning your way. You haven't solved all the problems of the world yet, but I am coming to believe in your genuine attempt to do your best for your country. Your worthy opponent is a charismatic man and he makes nice speeches, but, so far I haven't seen any real signs of a plan - A charismatic leader without a compass is a scary thing!

So good luck Mr. Bush, I begin to think you have my vote.

Age 57
Campton, NH



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